U.S. Billboard, the authority on American music, has been shining a bright light on K-pop over the past few months. So it came as no surprise that they spotlighted BIGBANG's recent world tour with a feature that included an interview with the boys. The article highlighted the international rise of the group, citing their popular world tour and even deeming them "mega-stars." BIGBANG commented, "We realized that when all of us are on stage together, that is when we shine the brightest. We are the most passionate when we do our music. It was new and exciting to be able to perform in so many different places." When asked by the journalist if any country's fans stuck out in particular, the boys diplomatically stated: "Actually, it’s hard to pick one country because it was our first time visiting many of these countries. No matter how big or small the concert was, we were happy to meet our fans from all over the world and to feel their energy." When asked about their experiences travelling around the globe, they stated: "In Peru, we couldn’t believe that there were thousands of fans lined up at the airport, hotel and concert venue. They were outside singing our songs! We thought we were in an amusement park while we were resting in our rooms because of all the screaming. We are extremely thankful to all the fans. It is an amazing feeling to be so welcomed." When asked about the most memorable part of the experience: "What impresses us the most is that music fans across the globe can dance and have fun together regardless of the language or cultural background." The boys ended things by talking about their goal for 2013: Working on their solo projects, which include albums and tours. (Source: