Just last Saturday, BIG BANG celebrated its 10-year anniversary with over 65,000 screaming fans at a sold out Seoul World Cup Stadium, along with millions of fans in Korea and China, who weren't lucky enough to attend but were lucky enough to watch the streaming concert online. Besides performing over 20 songs, the band surprised fans with a very special surprise guest, who just happens to be the most famous Korean entertainer in the world.

As Japanese boy band SMAP's disappointed fans continue to cope as they deal with the reality of the group's upcoming breakup at the end of this year, fans of BIG BANG were treated to a big-time celebration of the band's 10 year anniversary in sold-out show in Seoul, where the five members entertained the crowd with over three hours of talk, song and dance, with a special guest appearance from none other than Psy. The band set yet another record, as they performed in front of the biggest crowd amassed for a single group in Korean history. The fans were certainly not disappointed, as they spent an estimated 10 billion won for the show, which is almost 9 million dollars — and that's in a single day! Scores of fans came in from China, and were pleasantly assisted by Mandarin speaking staff who helped them navigate the venue. Despite the concert taking place in Seoul, it was a concert for all fans of the group, a celebration of their last 10 years and hopefully many more.

If you haven't already watched BIG BANG's "10 bangin' concerts" available on Dramafever, as recommended by our very own CoCo Kdrama, you can watch them all here!


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