Meet Viktoria Modesta. She's a Latvian-British singer-songwriter and model who elected to remove her damaged leg at age 20. 

Freed from a leg that was inhibiting her mobility, she has gone on to challenge stereotypes and norms about what it means to be disabled.  In 2012 she performed at the closing ceremonies of the London Paralympic Games, and recently she teamed up with Channel 4 to produce the single "Prototype" 

Yes, that IS a spike prosthetic, courtesy of the Althernative Limb Project. There are some other neat prothsetics in this video which you have got to see.  

When a prosecutor discovers he has months to live, can he turn his life around and tear down corruption? Find out in the gripping melodrama Punch:

Content warning: The video is somewhat risque, but it's also very brave, and I found it amazing and a lot of fun. 

Also, don't miss the "making of" video HERE.