Heartstrings caption contest winner week 16

We are nearing the end of August and the start of September! This also means we have a new monthly winner who will win a Dramafever T-shirt!

Lucky for this week's winner - she is also the monthly winner! It was a tough call, but congratulations to Michelle S. on the win! Isn't the Soo Myung-Gi Young bromance so awesome? I think "bromances" are the new trend in dramas. The buddy of a lead doesn't have to be his love rival, or there can always be the supporting actors who are just always together to support the lead. 

You can check out the other entries here. Don't forget to check out (or rewatch) Heartstrings and two special episodes on DramaFever!

And now, for this week's caption contest, we have an image from Birdie Buddy! This week we'll have a free for all - no special word in your caption! Just get creative!


Birdie Buddy week 17 caption contest

***UPDATE***: This contest is now closed. Check this post for the winner. Thanks for participating!