North Korea has responded to the shocking report that 12 pop stars had been executed, supposedly for creating a pornographic video, in an unusual format: YouTube comments. DPRKMusicChannel, described as "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea Music, Television and English News Service Channel," responded under a video of Hyon Song Wol performing her hit "A Girl in the Saddle of a Steed." Hyon was long rumored to be supreme leader Kim Jong Un's girlfriend, and reports stated that she and 11 other performers were executed, possibly the culmination of Kim's wife's jealousy of the star.

The video of Hyon performing garnered over 200,000 views, and many commenters referred to the singer's death. But in a bizarre twist, DPRKMusicChannel began to respond:

On the source of the original report, the South Korean news organization Chosun Ilbo:

On requests for proof that Hyon is still alive:

On a possible return of pop groups who were said to have been executed by the government:

To a commenter who dared comment in a language other than English:

The channel maintained that as proof they were unharmed, Unhasu Orchestra would perform on September 9, North Korean National Day. However, according to reports, another group performed instead.