Some of those mystery gaps are getting filled in Blade Man episode 16 as we get hints of what happened in the past and why Tae Hee is the way she is. Join the Drama Club’s chat about these mysteries, especially the whole Madam Yoon being super evil thing. (Also, why is Se Dong wearing a vest made out of carpet in that hug scene?)

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Amy: Tae Hee and Se Dong were rushed to the hospital by piggy back! Tae Hee just needs rest because of her illness but Se Dong needs a psychiatrist. Her boys are not too happy about that assessment but I can’t say that I disagree.

MarlubsGD: It explains so much, like why she is way too emotional. But it’s so silly that people jump to that conclusion when they say psychiatrist. She’s not that crazy dudes. But I did like how the girl (who is randomly a doctor) put Seung Hwan in his place. But super random that she’s a doctor… how does she have time for that and all the volunteering she does?

Caroline: Funny how they both ended up in the same hospital, and managed to run into each other. I noticed the doctor too! I thought she was hilarious. Maybe this is the girl that’s going to get Seung Hwan off Se Dong, eh?

Amy: She looks way too young too. I did crack up when she put Seung Hwan in his place and the started shipping them. I may have a problem.

MarlubsGD: I started shipping them too. I think Seung Hwan needs a girl like her, to put him in his place. Especially when he’s setting up everyone one else with cute girls.


MarlubsGD: I get really tired of the whole lying to save people thing, but what to do about that? The best part of this scene is how sweet Hong Bin is, still taking care of her, even if she’s being dumb and pushing him away. But you know that Se Dong seeing this is just going to cause another round of lying to protect people. Tae Hee and Se Dong are pretty alike on that point.

Amy: Both of them just need to stop the lying. It doesn’t help and it makes them look bad. Hong Bin is just an awesome guy. He wants to take care of Tae Hee and help her despite the way she’s treated him. I can’t say I’d feel the same way. I don’t know if I’d be able to get past her lying about her death without a lot of time.

Caroline: Too bad Hong Bin loves Se Dong. This would’ve been the perfect, emotional, first love rises from the dead drama if there was no Se Dong in the equation.

MarlubsGD: I know, if it weren’t for her we’d probably like Tae Hee a bit more. I’ll admit I do like her more now that we know her a bit more, but still… all that lying just keeps me from really liking her...

Amy: I like her a little more too but something just seems fake about her so I’m having trouble getting past that. I feel like she is covering up something big.

Caroline: I don’t like her. I don’t know why. The pity, sob story, I almost died because you loved me thing is a bit too much for me. I mean it’s sad, but really?

MarlubsGD: It’s because they are writing her too pitiable, trying to force us to sympathise when really she’s just annoying and in the way.


MarlubsGD: This is pretty revealing. Madam Yoon is pretty crazy. Power crazy, crazy to like the jerk dad, and completely not repentant, but that’s very Madam Yoon for you.

Caroline: I think this is typical, woman trying to please a man endlessly while getting hurt in the process. But Madam Yoon doesn’t do it gracefully. It’s almost like “if I’m going down, I’m taking everyone along with me” kinda thing. She’s just emotionally unstable, set out to shut down the world because a guy tossed her. It’s like when Maleficent curses everyone cause she didn’t get an invite to a baby’s, whatever that was. Lol (^____^)

Amy: Madam Yoon is more upset that she isn’t getting the results that she wants than she is about the actual wrongdoings. Typical evil lady for you. I actually feel bad for Hong Bin’s dad. He is getting framed as a super bad guy, don’t get me wrong he isn’t the best, while Madam Yoon is the one who is instigating all of the evil stuff.

MarlubsGD: That’s a good comparison, Caroline! She’s definitely that type. And because she’s like a thug, it’s probably going to be messy when she does go down. Huge fight.

Caroline: I hope Hong Bin fights her, and she turns into a Dragon! Now THAT would be an awesome ending to this drama. I don’t know if anyone would side with me, but Maleficent was pretty much the best evil character in Disney. I would be all too happy to have that somewhat recreated in KDrama.

MarlubsGD: Yes! That’s what this show needs! I feel like his blade powers are being completely wasted right now!

Amy: I think so too. I miss the supernatural stuff.


Amy: Oh Secretary Ko. Seriously disappearing and forgetting everything for a woman. Ha ha! Once again Secretary Ko had the best scene of the episode. I couldn’t stop laughing. Also, yay! He has a potential lady!

MarlubsGD: Love, love, love, love him! He’s the only thing that is getting me through this drama! This was the only time I laughed or even smiled in this episode. Especially since it was super silly and ridiculous why he was missing! We did say he needed a girl, looks like they listened to us.

Caroline: This guy is all kinds of insane. One, for sticking around with Hong Bin’s psycho crap, and Two, this stuff. But you know what, totally acceptable because ADORABLE!!! Love him. We all need a Secretary Ko in our lives.


Amy: Yes! I was so happy that someone finally asked Se Dong to think about what she wants! The girl is not selfish enough. She needed someone to ask her that. It’s important to help other people out but when you do it to the extent that Se Dong does it is unhealthy.

Caroline: True, but we have to go back to the fact that missing a phone call from her mother led to a death on her shoulder. I don’t know. I mean I don’t like Se Dong, but then I can understand the ups and downs of the character itself. Her emotional roller coasters are the only entertainment (annoyance) we get out of this drama.

MarlubsGD: Probably the smartest thing said this entire show. Slow clap for Seung Hwan!

Amy: That is why she needs to see a psychiatrist. She has to learn that her parents’ deaths weren’t her fault and learn to let go. Random doctor lady who put Seung Hwan in his place earlier was right.

Caroline: Amy. EVERYONE on this show needs a psychiatrist. Lol =D

MarlubsGD: True story.

Amy: I won’t disagree.


MarlubsGD: Finally, Hong Bin is on the right track. Let’s fight it out! Super style!

Amy: Yeah! Get her, Hong Bin! If the gardener’s son didn’t get fired up and tell Hong Bin off he never would have known. I was impressed that Hong Bin didn’t lose his temper when he got punched twice by the son but I really want the supernatural aspect of the show to play a bigger role.

MarlubsGD: I was getting really frustrated at Hong Bin’s cluelessness, so I’m glad this finally happened. Also super proud of him for controlling his temper and stuff.

Caroline: The Gardener Son couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s about time this conversation took place. You can’t have super powers and not know stuff happening right under your nose. That just doesn’t make sense. Let’s wait and see how that plays out. I’m actually anxious to hear what Madam Yoon will tell him.

Will Blade Man make an appearance now that Hong Bin knows what Madam Yoon did? Will Se Dong finally acknowledge what she really wants? What about Secretary Ko? Who is his mystery girl? Let us know what you think!

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