A spin-off of sensationally popular family drama Wife's Temptation, Angel's Temptation was written by the same writer (Kim Soon Ok) and boasts the same revenge theme as the hit 2008 drama. With an entirely different plot however, it's the "male version" of the drama, and stars Han Sang Jin and Bae Soo Bin as pre-and-post revenge-driven versions of the same man. Lee So Yeon (Spring Waltz, Dong Yi) is the woman who drives them to madness and vengeance in this successful drama. After her parents are killed and her family ruined by the wealthy Shin family, Joo Ah Ran (Lee So Yeon) vows revenge. She successfully seduces the son of the Shin family, Shin Hyun Woo (Han Sang Jin), and the two are married in an elaborate ceremony. Hyun Woo, a kind man, sincerely loves her, and proves to a devoted husband. Ah Ran, however, soon begins an affair. When Hyun Woo unexpectedly winds up in a terrible car accident, he's left scarred and in a coma. Waking up, he learns of his wife's plot and her adultery, and transforms into the revenge-driven Ahn Jae Sung (Bae Soo Bin). He undergoes massive plastic surgery and comes out with a new face. Re-entering Ah Ran's life as Jae Sung, he plots to destroy her as she destroyed him... Han Sang Jin, who had just come off a similar role in Sons of Sol Pharmacy, plays the kind-hearted "Jekyll" (or Angel) version with warmth. The other two lead actors are given a chance to flex their acting wings, however, as Bae Soo Bin had just ricocheted to popularity as good-guy Joon Sae in Shining Inheritance, and Lee So Yeon was best known for playing innocent, good characters. The two turn in powerhouse performances as the "Hyde" (the devil version of the title's "Angel") and the femme fatale (the "Temptation" of the title) who pushes him over the edge. Watch ANGEL'S TEMPTATION now on DramaFever!