With fame and fortune can come some squabbles among the inner circle. Such is the case for boy band Block B, who last week filed a lawsuit against their agency, Stardom, in an effort to nullify their contracts. The bizarre suit, filed on behalf of all seven members of the group, claims the agency's CEO has refused to pay them and on top of that, owes them $70,000 of money that he borrowed from—wait for it—their parents!  This is not the first controversy for their relatively rookie group.  Stardom was not going to go down without a fight and released this lengthy statement, including the following comments: - On the issue of the agency CEO swindling money for promotions and such received from the parents of the members Mr. Lee, who was first hired as a manager, falsely used the name of ‘CEO’ by forging documentation and it is true that he swindled money from some of the members.  Mr. Lee deceived the agency as well as the parents of the members and met separately with the parents and disappeared with the money of the agency and the parents. - On the issue of the lack of broadcast appearances After much preparation by Stardom, in February of 2012 Block B made a comeback; however, while in the midst of active domestic promotions, due to the incident that happened at the Thailand interview, [the members] had to go through an eight month reflection period. Because the members weren’t able to make as many broadcast appearances after then, it seems the members of Block B are holding a grudge against the agency. - On our future course of action To communicate with the Block B members, we sent over documents to their homes during the end of the year, and while preparing to meet them this afternoon, we learned of the lawsuit requesting for the nullification of their exclusive contract through articles on the internet. Despite that, Stardom promises to try our best to resolve the misunderstanding between the agency and Block B. Who do you think is in the right here—Block B, or Stardom?