Block B

Stardom Entertainment, Block B's management, has decided to take the low road by starting a website strictly devoted to "setting the record straight," regarding the ongoing lawsuit between themselves and the members of Block B. For those of you that don't know, Block B sued Stardom Entertainment asking to nullify their entire contract, claiming that they have not been paid for over a year. The website promises to serve as a platform for Stardom Entertainment's side of the story and says it will be updated accordingly.  Stardom Entertainment comments, “We have decided that the members of Block B are merely puppets in this case and there is someone behind all this. We believe that these people have come up with the scheme. We understand that the list of facts we have explained are unfamiliar to the members of Block B. That is because they weren’t given the appropriate information, because of the people of ‘hidden influences’ trying to control the whole situation.”  The website includes all official documents Stardom Entertainment has submitted to the court, including detailed financial reports documenting Block B’s revenue, maintenance fees, and other promotion-related expenses. A statement from Block B seems imminent, as this lawsuit won't be going anywhere any time soon. Do you think someone could be behind this? If so, who?