There are tons of crazy sports in the world, but I'm willing to bet that none are more insane than the Japanese sport called "Bo-taoshi." Translated to mean "bring pole down," "Bo-taoshi" looks like a combination of capture the flag, American Gladiators, and king of the mountain.

The sport works by having two teams of 75 face off against each other. Each team is divided into 75 attackers and 75 defenders while one player called the "Ninja" sits atop a pole, defending it at all costs. A winner is determined when they are able to bring the other team's pole down below a 30-degree angle.

In order for a team to achieve this feat, basically nothing is off limits. Players fight and kick each other, doing whatever they can to bring the pole down. Thankfully, shoes are not allowed, which is great news for the players who routinely get kicked in the face.

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