BoA recently had her own fangirl moment when she spoke to actor Song Joong Ki on the phone! It's true! BoA was on the show Thank You with actor Son Hyun Joo, and they were calling up friends they'd like to see. Well Son Hyun Joo asked BoA during conversation which actor she likes, and she told him it was Song Joong Ki. Well, it just so happens that Son Hyun Joo is good friends with Joong Ki and called him, so Boa could speak with him!


I have no clue what they spoke about, because the conversation won't be revealed until the episode airs on August 2nd, but it doesn't even matter! What really matters here is how Boa is so lucky that she got to speak with Joong Ki oppa! (o_0). This is why I need to have celebrity friends so my celebrity friends, can be friends with their celebrity friends, who happen to know celebrities I fangirl hardcore over! Way to succeed as a fangirl Boa! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source via