boa_yunho BoA watched a recent episode of Queen of Amibiton and took to twitter to praise Yunho's acting skills. While Queen of Ambition was airing on March 11th, BoA tweeted, "Ol~~ Jung Yunho!! Brother~~ Your crying act is alive~~ I was a bit surprised. Just work a little harder friend. Fighting. Please support Queen of Ambition Yun-dol-ee^^" This spontaneous tweet by BoA proved that she was watching the drama at the original airing time and that BoA and Yunho are indeed best friends beyond being lablemates of SM Entertainment. Although many idols, including Yunho, have been criticized for their awkwardness on screen, many fans  and viewers agreed that Yunho's acting has improved drastically and this week's episode was proof. What are your thoughts on Yunho's acting abilities?     (Source: