On August 24, BoA posted a selca on her Twitter page with the caption, “Is today the 13th year since my debut? Thank you for the congratulation messages. I am filming hard today as well." In the photo, BoA is smiling and holding an Expect Dating script.

However, BoA’s official 13th debut anniversary is August 25; realizing her error, BoA followed up, “It’s tomorrow? Sorry. Either today or tomorrow.”

Netizens who came across BoA’s post commented, “Congrats to BoA on 13-year debut anniversary,” “If it’s BoA’s 13-year debut anniversary that means she lived half of her life as a singer,” “It’s already her 13-year debut anniversary. Was shocked when I saw BoA during her debut,” “BoA’s mistake for her 13-year debut anniversary is cute.”

BoA is currently filming for her upcoming drama, Expect Dating, which will air in September.