Son Ho Young It has been reported that a woman’s body was found in a car registered to former GOD member Son Ho Young. According to reports, the vehicle was found abandoned near an apartment complex in Gangnam on the 15th and was towed because it was initially suspected to be a stolen vehicle.  When nobody reported the car missing, a look inside the car revealed the body of a woman who appeared to have committed suicide. Upon further investigation, it was found that the car was registered to Son and he was brought in by the police for questioning early this morning. Son’s representatives released a statement confirming that the singer and woman had been dating for about a year and that they had been living together. The car the woman was found in was Son’s personal car used for work purposes but was also used by the woman from time to time. The two recently fought a little more than usual, and Son became busier preparing for his next album, though this is not currently being cited as the reason for her death. Son is said to be in a state of complete shock with the sudden news and it seems he will be placing all activities on hold for the time being. A suicide note was allegedly found in the car, but details of the letter have not been released. [Source: Naver]