I think we can all agree that having to endure a severe toothache is one of the most miserable experiences in the world, as it can sometimes almost make you lose your mind with the never-ending and increasing throbbing pain. For those who live in Tokyo, their cavities have no chance against this chiseled dentist.

Dr. Taijiro Shimada is the Incredible Hulk of dentists. When not combating tooth decay at the Patoria Dental Clinic in the trendy Omote-Sando section of Tokyo , Taijiro competes as a professional body builder. Not only that, but his hobbies are child rearing, bodybuilding, and watching pro wrestling. He has a passion for destroying cavities and  is working for the day where going to the dentist and getting your teeth fixed becomes a trend in Japan. Sounds ridiculous, but a lot crazier things have caught on over there, and if anyone can make going to the dentist a truly unique experience, it's Taijiro, the Incredible Dentist.

And make no mistake, he's not some gimmicky dentist. According to the director of the dental clinic, he's a very qualified dentist. ”I may look a little wild, but I take my dental work very seriously, and I am always striving to be the best dentist I can be. "

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