On March 23, American BTS fans had quite the scare as they were waiting for the opening night of BTS's 2017 The Wing Tour Concert (Live Trilogy Episode lll). As they waited to welcome the popular boy band to the Prudential Center in Newark, they were met with the arrival of police officers and the bomb squad! Just what happened at the concert? Read on to find out!

As fans waited in line at the Prudential Center (Newark) to enter the venue, the night took a turn towards the unexpected as the crowd found themselves surrounded by sirens and lights. The area surrounding the concert hall was secured by police and the Essex County Bomb Disposal Unit quickly moved in. The Bomb Disposal Unit even brought in a bomb sniffing dog as they began inspected the many merchandise tents around the Prudential Center for explosives. After a tense 10-minute search, the Bomb Disposal Unit determined that there was nothing dangerous in the area and left the scene almost as quickly as they had arrived. 

While there has not been an official explanation as to why the bomb squad was called in, it is being speculated that an anonymous call was made to the local police stating that there would be a bomb at the BTS concert.

While there was clearly no real bomb present, some have argued that the cause for the search may have originated from the BTS light sticks that were being sold at the venue. Called the "A.R.M.Y. Bomb" the BTS light sticks are shaped like a round grenade or bomb, complete with a red LED light on top that mimics a lit fuse. 

Do you think the A.R.M.Y. Bomb light sticks were the cause for all of the commotion? Let us know below!


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