A drama won’t be called a drama without the heartbreaks. In this webcomic strip, Bonkka opens up about the gut-wrenching feeling of pain. You will laugh at the irony when you find out who has caused it!

About BonkkaView: The webcomic features its flat-faced and square-headed character Bonkka, whose observations are captured in BonkkaView with topics that span across from meatballs to duck feet, from Christmas to Lunar New Year, and from Hollywood to Korean Dramas. You absolutely need to witness it when Bonkka is in action making witty comments about the world as an Asian guy living in the East Coast. He will keep the surprise coming and spit out his observation with a quirky and shrewd twist.

To check out more of Bonkka, please click the link here: http://www.shanshannie.com/webcomics---bonkkaview