Any women looking to go to expensive spas or even plastic surgeons to firm up their figures are wasting their money, especially when it comes to breasts. Instead, all they have to do is buy the Boob Exercise Hand, just released in Japan.

The "Oppai Taisou Hand," or the Boob Exercise Hand, is not meant to be a joke. This product is for women who want to firm up their breasts without going through all the trouble or money of getting professional treatment or implants. Designed by Wellness Life Institute founder Expert Takiko Shindo, this hand is shaped in the way she cups her own when giving women breast treatment. She has her very own method of massaging the breasts to keep them firm and to prevent them from sagging. She swears by the effectiveness of her massages, and this is why she's proudly produced and released a pink plastic hand to do the same things she's been doing for years.

According to Takiko, there are two parts to her breast exercises. One is "Oppai Hagashi," which involves "tearing" the breast off the chest, and "Oppai Yurashi," which shakes the breast. The benefits of repeating this exercise, besides enhancing the size and shape of the breasts, is less shoulder stiffness, reduced menopause symptoms, less severe menstrual cramps, and even better skin. And all this for 3066 yen, or about 26 dollars. 

The Boob Exercise Hand is only intended to be taken very seriously. Otherwise, it might not even work.

Takiko Shindo, otherwise known as the "Boob Goddess"

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