Boys-over-flowers-boys-over-flowers-6456638-1500-1000 An American remake of the hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers is the focus of a new Kickstarter campaign launched by Wazego Collective. According to their Kickstarter page, they are fans of the original series and want to adapt the hit for American audiences with minimal changes. The script is said to be complete, and 50% of the shooting locations secured. The group is looking to raise $100,000 from the public to pay for actors, licensing, advertising and other costs. The goal of the campaign is to release the series on the group's Roku channel by "late 2013." Backing the Kickstarter with a $10.00 (USD) pledge gets you photos of the cast, exclusive information on the series and more. The benefits increase until finally pledgers of $10,000 or more receive a variety of goodies including a producer's credit. The makers of a potential American remake of Boys Over Flowers say they won't replace Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon and Gu Hye Sun with famous actors, but talented American rookies. Performing in the remake promises to "launch the career" of anyone participating, according to the group. Open call casting is planned to be held in four cities across the country. Read more about the project at the Boys Over Flowers American Version Kickstarter here.