No one can deny that Jan Di from Boys Over Flowers was one lucky lady. The only real problem she had in her life was trying to choose between four hot flower boys. Poor girl! Some Kdrama fans still debate the question of who Jan Di should have ended up with. The way I see it, the only way to really resolve this debate is to take a look at what her children would have looked like with Jun Pyo, Ji Hoo, Yi jung, and Woo Bin.

Don't deny it: one of the first things you think about when you start dating someone is whether or not your offspring would be cute (after you've written your first name with their last name all over your notebook that is). Let's be a true friend and act in Jan Di's best interest by offering her some advice on who she should marry for the sake of her children:

Contender 1: Jun Pyo+Jan Di= Jun Di

If you just tilt your head and squint a little, this baby is honestly ADORABLE! Go ahead and try it. They have a pretty good chance of producing offspring that wouldn't make you have to lie to Jan Di when she asks, "Isn't my baby the cutest?!".

Contender 2: Ji Hoo+Jan Di= Ji Di

Now isn't she just a little CUTIE! And imagine how she would be the nicest child in the world. Plus, she clearly would have rhythm since she's already raisin' the roof!

Contender 3: Yi Jung+Jan Di= Yi Di

Aww, look at that little, tiny, sweetest face in the whole widest world! These two probably look the most alike, so their babies would be bound to be beautiful.

Contender 4: Woo Bin+Jan Di= Woo Di

Umm. Well. What a nice child! Sorry Jan Di and Woo Bin, but you might have to get used to prodding people for baby Woo Di compliments (IMHO). Plus, do you really want your child's grandparents to be mobsters?

So who's it gonna be? Make sure you base this purely on cuteness of babies, ok? No being biased towards your favorite character. Comment below!