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Boys Over Flowers: The Video Game? It's coming, along with My Love From Another StarCoffee Prince, and many other classic Korean drama worlds! DramaFever Games is proud to announce the first massive multiplayer game set in the world of K-drama, KissQuest: The Search for Oppa

K-drama fans will find the huge world of KissQuest (centered on the very romantic hub City of Soul) at once brand new and completely familiar, dotted with hundreds of references to both classic and current Korean Dramas. If you've ever wanted to jam with A.N.JELL from  You're Beautiful, share a romantic evening with Kim Tan from Heirs, or relax at the Coffee Prince cafe, this is your chance.

Endless Gameplay

KissQuest: The Search for Oppa ships with over 80 hours of romantic sidequests and challenges, spanning the worlds of dozens of Korean dramas. Although the main Oppa search quest is filled with twists and turns (just saying hello to all the Oppas in the City of Soul could take you days), KissQuest isn't just about romance. Your fully customizable character needs a job, too–and you can specialize in everything from being a doctor in Soul's bustling Good Doctor Hospital, to concert pianist at the Tomorrow's Cantabile Pavilion, to growing your dynasty as a billionaire entrepreneur in Chaebol Tower. And did we mention you can change your gender at will?

Familiar Characters

If you've ever had a crush on a K-drama leading man (or second lead), you'll find him in KissQuest: The Search for Oppa. Handsome men from  My Love From Another StarSecret GardenBoys Over Flowers and even sleeper hits like Vampire Prosecutor are fully dateable in KissQuest, but getting a date with these guys is not always easy. Some are only unlockable once you complete a series of tricky challenges (we're looking at you, Jun Pyo!) And if you've ever suffered from Second Lead Syndrome, here's the cure: this time, you can make sure the good guy finishes first!

A K-drama Fan's Paradise

Korean drama fans will find many locations from their favorite dramas recreated in perfect detail in KissQuest, from Oska's modern house from  Secret Garden to the kitchen of Baker King Kim Tak Gu. Any of your actions or conversations can trigger major surprises, as when Faith's Choi Young suddenly appeared out of a hidden Time Portal. The City of Soul is full of surprises, from the It's Okay, That's Love disco to the peaceful gardens of Personal Taste.

Day Zero Downloadable Content

Did someone say expansion pack? KissQuest: The Search for Oppa is a great game, but you'll want to add on to the City of Soul with numerous add-ons that are pure fan service. The Jeju Island pack allows you to take your Oppa on a tropical vacation getaway–but it's not all relaxation as there are plenty of new dramatic situations and crazy characters to meet on this sunny isle. Additional downloadable content includes the option to date an Oppa with  Kim Tan's head and Young Jae's body (Full House), a "six pack" pack that gives all Oppas chocolate abs (which they show off in somewhat tacky yet alluring crop tops), and much more.

The first and best K-drama video game ever made,  KissQuest: The Search for Oppa is now available for pre-order, and expected to ship April 1, 2016. For much more on this ground-breaking game, visit the official launch page here.