It's been confirmed by the Beijing police that singer-actor Jaycee Chan, son of famous martial artist and actor Jackie Chan, has been arrested for marijuana use. Also arrested was popular Taiwanese singer-actor Kai Ko. The confirmation comes after intense speculation following a cryptic Weibo post which has since been deleted.

On August 17 (China time), a Weibo user named "Xu Hang" posted, "Ko Chen-Tung has been arrested for drug use. My father has interrogated for a night. Just wait to see the news." Ko Chen-Tung is Kai Ko's Chinese name. The message immediately started a flurry of speculation, and it was deleted soon after its appearance.

The mystery deepened when Taiwanese media reported that Ko's agent had not been able to get in contact with him. The confirmation finally came from Beijing Police on August 18 that Chan and Ko were arrested for marijuana possession at Chan's residence in Beijing. The police said the arrest was made on August 14, and both Chan and Ko tested positive for marijuana. They also found 100 grams of marijuana. A third man named Song was later arrested for dealing the drugs found at Chan's house.

Singer-actor Jaycee Chan is 31 years old and is the son of Jackie Chan and his wife, Lin Feng-Jiao, a famous Taiwanese actress. When news first broke out, his agent denied the incident but has since confirmed and issued an apology on behalf of the actor for the charges.

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Kai Ko's agent also issued a public apology for the 23-year old singer-actor who rose to fame his 2011 film debut, You Are The Apple Of My Eye. She wrote: “At first, we only knew what everyone else heard from various media reports... Finally, we received a call from authorities confirming that he will be detained for 14 days for violations, and soon his direct relatives can visit him."

Marijuana use and possession is a serious crime in China, and reportedly in their case, the penalty could be three years of imprisonment, according to another Chinese news report.