On August 24, actor Kim Woo Bin suffered a knee injury on set while filming for his new movie, Twenty. He was taken to emergency care that afternoon. Although the injury was not so serious to require surgery, it was serious enough that filming has been halted, and Kim Woo Bin was unable to attend a press conference on August 25.

Kim Woo Bin was taken to the emergency services at Jungbuk Hospital in Jeonju, where he was examined for about an hour. Reportedly the MRI scans showed that the ligaments and cartilage in his knee were damaged. Details have not been shared at this time regarding the severity of the injury, but apparently surgery was not required. However, even minor knee injuries can seriously affect a person's ability to walk, and it may take a few months for Kim Woo Bin to fully recover.

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Due to his sudden injury, Kim Woo Bin could not attend the August 25th press conference hosted by the Jeonju Film Commission. Twenty is scheduled to premier in the first half of 2015, and it is not known at this time how Kim's injury will affect the scheduled dates.

We wish Kim Woo Bin a speedy recovery!