Super Junior's Siwon will join international superstars Jackie Chan and John Cusack in a new film, Dragon Blade, a historical action thriller about a Roman prince who escaped to ancient China. This will be Siwon's third appearance in a Chinese film.The new film commands a huge budget of 65 million US dollars, and is set to be released in spring of 2015.

Dragon Blade's story takes place in a turbulent time during the Western Han dynasty (202 BC to 9 AD) in China. John Cusack plays a Roman prince who escaped to Asia and met a slave, played by Jackie Chan, who was actually a top general who had been condemned to slavery by false charges. They will combine forces to fight an even greater enemy. Filming will take place in China's remote regions, such as the famed Dunhuang along the Silk Road and Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia.

Siwon's role is not revealed yet. His agency, SM Entertainment, announced on June 10, 'Siwon has decided to appear in the new work, Dragon Blade. He was given a major role alongside Jackie Chan and John Cusack.'

The new film will be Siwon's third Chinese film. He first appeared in Battle of Wits in 2006. Then in the new 2014 Hong Kong crime thriller, Helios, he plays a South Korean nuclear expert alongside an ensemble of international stars.

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Congratulations, Siwon!