Last week, a couple of photos from actress Kim Ha Neul’s pictorial endorsing the fashion brand Le Beige for the magazine Marie Claire" target="_blank">were unveiled. Now, more photos from the shoot have been released, showing her posing in many looks from wedding dresses to casual wear. This was all shot on location in Hawaii, where she and her businessman groom will be enjoying their honeymoon. Her fiancé was also on hand during the shoot to provide love and support.

In the interview with the magazine, the bride-to-be shared that she wanted to take on the dark role in her upcoming movie Schoolmistress because she was personally happy in her real life. She is anticipating how her future acting will be changed once she gets married.

The couple is set to marry on March 19. Appropriately, the interview and pictorial are available in the March issue of Marie Claire.

Check out the lovely photographs below, and share with us which is your favorite photo!

Bridal looks:

Casual looks:

Which look was your favorite?


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