The setup: Arrogant water god is sent to earth to obtain the stones that will enable him to become the supreme emperor of the gods. The reality: He arrives without the coordinates, powers, or clothes he needs, and must rely on the help of lowly humans to succeed. Sounds like a recipe for a good time, right? Join Taleena, Amy, and me, Cici, as we discuss the first episodes of Bride of the Water God.

Taleena: OK two episodes in and I am not quite sure how I feel about this new drama. On the one hand, I know that this was adapted from a manga, which I have purposefully NOT looked at so I can be surprised. On the other hand, I went in hoping for Goblin-esque feels and where Goblin was immediately gripping and full of sympathetic characters, I am not connecting with anyone. ANYONE. I loved Shin Se Kyung in Six Flying Dragons (and Girl Who Sees Smells) so I know she can bring the feels, but so far I am just frustrated with her character. I think it is because she is portrayed as being a victim of circumstance that is being blown hither and thither. Plus, would it have killed her to water the freakin’ dying plant in the corridor?! Hello! If a plant reaches out to you psychically water the dang thing!

Cici: I’m just confused by her character. She’s a psychiatrist, yet she shows very little connection to her patients. She’s far too busy being concerned about getting enough money to pay her rent and bills. She runs into an amazingly handsome guy who asks her what she needs, and all she can think of is money? I don’t care if you think he’s crazy, at least come up with a more original answer to the question!


Cici: The hints at her back story (almost drowning while calling for her father) may bring a little sympathy, but I was really expecting that Habaek was the one who had saved her. Maybe that detail is being saved for later. Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk is excelling at playing the cold, arrogant, but oh-so-handsome god who really doesn’t care much about humans, other than what they can do to serve him. What does it say when the plump, annoying demi-god, Nam Soo Ri, is the most sympathetic character so far?

Amy: Her character may take some getting used to. I find it odd that she went through a trauma herself but is so distant from her patients. You would think that would make her want to help them more despite her issues outside of work. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how her character fleshes out. She may get better as she hangs out with her “master” more. I’m guessing it will play out with her benefiting from someone taking care of her instead of being neglected by others. Water god will get better as he learns how to love.

Taleena: Usually, if I have a hard time connecting with any of the mains, I can count on the excellent side kick/best friend to anchor the show until I like the main character ( I see you sitting there Blood), but maybe it was the weird bowl cut and sailor suit but I had nothing. Ditto her male nurse. Ditto Krystal the Granddaughter Diva whining about wanting a building. My favorite character? The old geezer crossing the street. Seriously, that was the cutest, well-rounded character in both episodes. OK, I am exaggerating a bit. There were flashes of some good meaty plot chunks. Chaebol Shady is the sky god right? And I am pretty sure that Heavenly Water Priest is going to sell out Habaek about half way through the series. The bit where her Obama-obsessed patient tried to kill himself was excellent, but I wanted her to grow a spine and save him, and instead we got her brushed aside to hold the Chicken Leg of Intense Staring.

Cici: That scene with the old man was the first time I felt any hint of sympathy for So Ah. And I have to agree that it was disappointing that she was completely unable to help her patient when he was trying to commit suicide. I am intrigued by Lim Ju Hwan’s character, Hoo Ye, though. He was such a scary bad guy in Oh My Ghostess, that it may take me a while to accept him as a good guy. (T: IS he a good guy?) I really like the way he quietly steps in and tries to help So Ah with her financial difficulties, even when she is being stupidly prideful about it. I also admire how he just dismisses her and tells her to go ahead and pay for the windshield wiper herself if she finds his help so distasteful. I think he may be the coolest one in the show.


Amy: I didn’t know that windshield wipers could be that expensive! Of course I have never driven a super fancy car so I have little experience with fancy wiper blades. I’m not sure if Lim Ju Hwan’s character is good right now. He seems good but also a little manipulative which may lead to him being bad later or at least manipulating to make things go his way. I’m confused by Nurse Yoo. It seems like he is a little too concerned about our heroine. I know it is his job but I’m wondering what his story is. Does he have feelings for her or did something happen in the past that made him this overly concerned?

Cici: It’s early yet, but here’s what we do know so far: Habaek is the water god who stands to become the supreme emperor if he can get his servant/bride to help him. So Ah is descended from Habaek’s servants, but doesn’t know she’s destined to help him, and actually just thinks he’s delusional.


Cici: Soo Ri is a minor demi-god tasked with helping Habaek adjust to earth life long enough to complete his mission, but his claims to expertise in the subject far exceed his capabilities. According to the preview, Hoo Ye is another demi-god, but so far we just know him as the CEO of a resort. The bratty Moo Ra is supposed to be another demi-god vying for Habaek’s love, but right now she’s just a spoiled actress costing daddy too much money. Not the most appealing list of characters, but at least there’s plenty of room for growth.

Amy: Yes. You know, I really can’t stand the overly spoiled characters. They just grate on my nerves. I hope she mellows out as the drama goes on. So many demi-gods, though! I know I am going to get confused with all of these characters running around. I’m so bad at remembering names. Something is definitely going on in the god world though. There is some kind of plotting going on against Habaek because someone DOES NOT want him to be emperor. Why? We don’t know yet. Didn’t the monk say at the beginning of the first episode that gods don’t do that kind of stuff?

Cici: Well, right now this is reminding me more of Percy Jackson than Goblin. But like I said, it’s early, and I’m willing to give it some time to flesh out the characters and develop the chemistry. Speaking of which, what’s with Habaek “gracing” So Ah with a kiss? Is that supposed to make her fall head-over-heals for him? I was surprised she didn’t haul off and smack him.


Taleena: I think that kiss was supposed to awaken her to her servant-ly duties, instead it gave us a weird kiss freeze frame and seemed to give her an off and on ability to read minds -- including PLANT minds. Bum, bum BAH! She really should have watered that plant, they gave it a Dutch angle, backlight and smoke for cryin’ out loud. No, I am not letting go of the poor plant. Its ignored plight bugged me.

Amy: I figured the kiss was a common god thing but I don’t get why it was on the lips like that or why it made So Ah’s heart pound already. I think she was so flabbergasted that she didn’t react fast enough to smack him. It was very unexpected! I wasn’t expecting Habaek to be such a quick learner for how slow he is learning how humans interact. Especially since he lost his powers. That was weird to me. Enjoyable but weird. I’d love to be able to pick up a skateboard and just go!

Cici: There is that. So he is an incredibly fast learner...about some things. So how is it that he hasn’t noticed that he is the only one by the river living in a clear blow-up castle? Gotta admit, that made me laugh.


Taleena: The skateboarding scene? Facepalm. It made me feel old. Soooo old.

Amy: Also, since he learns so fast shouldn’t he be finding ways to earn some money? I guess that is just his stubbornness shining through. It can’t be easy for a god to accept that he has no power and no longer has everything handed to him. The human world is going to take a lot of getting used to for Habaek and I think it is going to be slow going. I mean, how hungry will he have to be before he just devours his chicken?

Taleena: Fingers crossed for character development next week.

Cici: If this expression means what I hope it means, we may just get it:


Janet: I totally agree with the character assessment everyone has commented on. So far, no one has shown any redeeming features. Everyone seems to be a caricature. I had to rewind parts of Episode 1, trying to make sense of it all. Episode 2 was a little easier to understand; here's hoping the future will begin to tie things together! 

What do you think? Will Habaek learn to love the way humans do? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)

Starring Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung

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