Things have clicked into gear as So Ah has accepted Habaek. As he begins to track down the stones he needs, So Ah’s troubles seem to increase. Join Cici, Amy, Janet, and Taleena as they chat episodes 5 and 6 of Bride of the Water God.

Taleena: I had some preconceptions blown these last couple of episodes. I fully expected the CEO, ooh what’s the guy’s name from Hunky Chef, Bad Ghost Cop? (and yes I know that is not the show’s title either but IT COULD be k-drama world - it could be.), anyway, I expected him to be the Sky God. Now it’s her old fiance? Who gives diamond rings to everyone so they are lucky? Mind blown. Way to sidestep the obvious love rivalry K-drama.

Cici: I was just relieved that Hoo Ye still seems to be a genuinely nice guy. But is he human, or another one of the gods? The way he keeps referring to his interest in human things--their sense of humor, the way they think--makes me think that he is not human himself. So if he’s not, does his hunky secretary know? Or does he just go along with his eccentric but very powerful boss?



Amy: I think that Hoo Ye is a god and his secretary knows. Hoo Ye spotted Habaek and had a certain look on his face but I don’t know what it meant. I’m anxious for those two to meet so we can get a better idea of who Hoo Ye is. What if he’s actually a villain? Eeek! I think Hoo Ye’s secretary will have a fling with Ja Ya. They are having banter that may lead to romance.

Taleena: I don’t want Hoo Ye to be a bad guy, but by the same token, it’s probably him or the Heavenly Priest dude. I don’t know, maybe I see conspiracy everywhere but feel like so far everyone is entirely too nice. All the flashbacks seem to be less ‘deep, hidden secrets” and more “misremembered childhood memories.” Hoo Ye has such a kind face, I was shocked when he was the baddie in “Oh My Ghostess.”

Cici: Hmmm, I can’t say that either Moo Ra or Bi Ryeom seem particularly nice. The way they use So Ah to try to get Habaek off the track of the god stones which they lost was brutal. And then the way Moo Ra totally threw Bi Ryeom under the bus when Habaek figured out what they were doing would have been funny if it wasn’t so despicable.


Cici: To be honest, I’m not impressed with the goodness of any of the gods, with the possible exception of Habaek. And he’s only turning out halfway decent because of the difficulties he’s experiencing on earth due to the loss of his powers.


Amy: I think that part of the reason Habaek is so closed off is because of what happened with the human girl in the past. Which is also why So Ah is his servant. I’m not impressed with Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom’s behavior either. They seem like kids in adult bodies. They definitely have some growing to do. I have a feeling being around Habaek and So Ah will help. Habaek is doing some growing up! He even apologized to So Ah with an apple! For those not in the know, “sagwa” is the word for apology and apple in Korean.


Janet: Exactly! They have no boundaries, no one in authority to put a stop to their playground tactics. They are just two spoiled, bored children making mischief to make their own lives more interesting, all the while just playing at being adults or “gods”

Taleena: Spoiled and bored, yes. Evil? No. Usually, evil is the nemesis du jour for a supernatural K-drama, so I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or giant water bubble globe. As you do.

Cici: So, speaking of evil, was anyone else surprised to have the stalker/would-be-murderer issue resolved so quickly? Lately that type of character has become a recurring nightmare throughout an entire drama, (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Love in Trouble, I’m looking at you) so I was inordinately pleased that the writers sidestepped that trope. And that So Ah actually seemed to understand why the guy was acting the way he was, without becoming all guilty about it.


Amy: I was surprised but happy! I don’t think we need him added into the drama surrounding So Ah. She has enough going on and with Habaek added everything is just going to get more complicated. It’s cool how So Ah understands people but I wish Habaek could use that somehow. It would be interesting to watch her use her knowledge to help him out.

Janet: Again, I’m the newbie here and not as experienced as the rest of you, so I found the solution a little too “pat”, too contrived. I keep waiting for him to make an escape and show up to menace So Ah once again. Maybe with enough villainy to make sure that Habaek doesn’t lose his powers once he finally rescues her (again!)


Cici: Well, that last rescue was pretty spectacular, but for now his character served the purpose of convincing Habaek that his powers do, indeed, depend on So Ah’s need to be rescued. We called it!


Cici: But I can totally understand how upset she was when she figured out that he was willing to put her life in danger to test his theory. Just when he seems to be developing some real warmth and dependability, he lets her down. Unfortunately, that’s been the story of her life. It looks like the promise her ancestor made to the gods eons ago is still ruining human lives, one generation at a time.


Taleena: So is the truck in the end a fake out? Will we be seeing Habaek save her at the last minute? I kind of want her to die. Okay that sounds bad, obviously I don’t want her to die die. I DO want her to not be a cursed shmuck anymore, and if the curse was started by a woman leaving the heavenlies because she fell for a human, it makes sense to me that it will be lifted by So Ah not being bound to the mortal coil.

Amy: I was thinking something along those lines too! I thought it would be interesting if she did die but Habaek could save her by marrying her and making her immortal that way. Something along those lines. I don’t think that will happen. It would just be an interesting development with the forced proximity of marriage and all the things that a marriage brings to the table. I understand why So Ah was upset with Habaek for ripping her contract but, I mean, she could just get a new one. What was with the big sense of betrayal? Oh yeah. Probably something to do with the island she wanted to use the money to run away to…

Cici Um, is anyone else having trouble aligning the scene of the male ancestor making a deal with the gods in order to save his own life with the story Habaek told So Ah? She even asked him if the woman’s name was Shim Chung (apparently that’s a character in a Korean folktale). I don’t think she bought his story at all, and I also don’t think it was true. I’m not sure why he is lying to her, but it may be that if he lets her know how selfish and awful both her ancestor and the gods were, that she would just walk away from him. He still needs her help, and we don’t even know the extent to which he is dependent on her. So while it would be romantic for him to save her by marrying her, I don’t think we are anywhere near that point. Yet. What I do see is the White Truck of Doom leading to a case of amnesia, lol.


Taleena: AMNESIA! OhPleaseOhPleaseOhPlease! I want a case of amnesia so badly now! I am not at all invested in them as a couple so I kind of want any and every crazy trope to happen to them. All the crazy! Every cliche! Trot ‘em out! I want to see him cry while over her hospital bed while a humidifier steams out beside him. And THEN I want CEO to say she was in love him instead! And her yoga, rock climbing bestie to bring her a case of bottled juice! And then she has to escape to do deep thinking in a spa. Make it happen!

Janet: But it won’t be amnesia - it will be the AWAKENING! She will remember all the stories her father told her before he left. Etc.Etc. Etc. Sorry to ruin your high hopes. LOL

Amy: She could have her awakening after she gets over her amnesia...

What do you think drama lovers? Is the CEO a baddie? Will we get ALL the cliches? Let us know in the comments!


The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)

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