As the “good” guys and the “bad” guys keep trading places and the action increases, the tension among the players (and the viewers) rises. For every answer, another question pops up. Come join us as we discuss episodes 9 and 10 of The Bride of the Water God.

Janet: So, I like that we are getting more of the backstory of the characters, but at the same time we are left with more questions - who are the good guys and who are the bad? Never a clear answer!


Amy: I don’t think we’re going to get a clear answer on the good and bad guys for a while because they want to keep us in suspense. Sometimes I think this show moves too slowly but then it surprises me when stuff happens like finding the last god and stone. I am liking the new god that was introduced, though, and am looking forward to learning more about him.


Janet:  Absolutely! So far, he is the most “normal” person we’ve met. And he keeps dropping some delicious clues about the past!

Taleena: I am kind of at a weird place in this drama because the one they are setting up to be the baddie is the one I am cheering for. I kind of want our awkward CEO to be the hero. Send Habaek back to heaven and then he can get together with So Ah.

Cici: I was right there with you, Taleena, until Habaek finally caved and gave in to his feelings. That kiss wasn’t half bad. I’m actually pretty happy with his character arc as a whole. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s 2800 years old, and that his last intimate interaction with a human did not end well. So considering all that, I’d say his emotional growth has been pretty rapid. But I still hope for good things for Hoo Ye. He is still trying so hard to overcome the evil tendencies hibernating within.


Amy: Eh. I don’t know if I want Hoo Ye with So Ah but I wouldn’t mind if Habaek goes back to the realm of gods either. I’m kind of getting bored with the slow progress. You never know. Hoo Ye could stop his evil that wants to come out and help everyone. Maybe there is no villain! Ha ha! I don’t think Hoo Ye really wants to hurt anyone but I also think he will if the gods keep pushing him. I’m glad Moo Ra is trying to reason with Habaek and Bi Ryum but they’re too stubborn to listen.

Janet:  I keep going back to the comments that Habaek went thru something similar 1200 years ago, with a human. Could So Ah be a product of his previous visit to the human realm?

Taleena: Well, I TOTALLY think she is a descendant of the same woman, but I don’t think she has any relation to any of these godlings otherwise. 1) It would be weird and vaguely icky and 2) her as the descendant of the one that got away has a kdrama-ish resonance to it.

Janet:  I was thinking along scenario number 2, also. Like you say, option 1 is way too icky!

Cici: Ewww. I’m relieved that at least there’s been a 1,200 year time lapse, that she is apparently a servant and not a demi-god, and that at least she isn’t the sister of Habaek’s first love (Krystal in My Lovable Girl, I’m looking at you).

Amy: I’m pretty sure they said in an earlier episode that the human woman who lived with the gods 1,200 years ago went back to earth to be with her sick dad and married the king. So it looks like So Ah is a descendant of that lady and the king. I’m just curious about what will happen if Habaek decides not to go back. They mentioned something but never said what would happen.

Janet:  Or he goes back, becomes Emperor and changes all the rules! LOL

Cici: Way back in episode one, he did say that when he became emperor he would change the ridiculous rules. Of course he was referring to something else, and it was said in a petulant way, but at least he established the possibility early on.

Amy: That could happen! I know he won’t want to leave So Ah now, though, I mean he told her that it is happening but I think he was just trying to convince himself.


Cici: I can see your point, but that actually bugged me. I appreciated his acknowledgement of his feelings through the kiss, but why preface it by emphasizing beforehand that the relationship can’t possibly go anywhere? It was almost as if he was trying to relieve himself of any responsibility for hurting her by reminding her ahead of time that he would be leaving, and then he just went ahead and did what he wanted. He had better figure out a way to stay with her after that.

Taleena: Yup, I think you hit the nail on the head, Janet. I think there will be a rule change. The question becomes will he raise her up or step down?

Janet:  I’m still trying to figure out why Moo Ra hates So Ah so much. She is very tolerant of Hoo Ye, but goes crazy at the mere mention of So Ah. She doesn’t seem interested in Habaek, other than as her King.

Cici: It seems like she has a history with Habaek, though, and that it’s tied up with Bi Ryum as well. She’s obviously jealous of So Ah, and might be willing to have Bi Ryum step in and stop the relationship. He seems more than willing to do whatever she asks.


Cici: And while I don't hate Moo Ra quite as much as I used to, I did find it completely hilarious when So Ah so neatly put that bragging, annoying goddess in her place. Apparently Bi Ryum found it pretty amusing, too.

Ep9_Sure Sure.jpg

Amy: I think that Moo Ra doesn’t trust So Ah because she is a human and Habaek had a bad run with a female human before. If one female human is bad they must all be that way, right? I am getting curious about Ja Ya too. She seems so jealous of So Ah and all of the attention that she gets. It’s very off putting. When she was spying on Hoo Ye after the back hug, though, I got a good laugh out of her. Such an odd woman. I still think something will happen between Ja Ya and Hoo Ye’s assistant.

Cici: Hoo Ye’s secretary! What a great side character! I’m always a little disappointed that he’s so under-used, but for now, I really hope he avoids any romantic entanglement with Ja Ya.


Janet: She is just so nasty, I hope nothing good happens to her. I hope Grandfather disinherits her! But as K-Dramas are big on the end of the story redemption, you’ll probably get your happy ending for her.

Amy: Yeah. Ja Ya will learn her lesson and so will everyone else. I think Bi Ryum needs to learn a big lesson too. He is not thinking before he acts and will not stop stirring up trouble.

Janet:  Absolutely! He has as big a blind spot where Hoo Ye is concerned as Moo Ra has toward So Ah.

Taleena: Bi Ryum drives me nuts! I just don’t understand what he has to gain by being a jerk to Hoo Ye. Or rather, setting up Hoo Ye to fail his “I’m going to be good, dang it!” routine. That whole scene where Hoo Ye starts to lose it. I read that as part of the Bi Ryum set up. Did you?


Janet:  I did. Especially when he tells him that he set him up to get revenge on what he did to his friend. Then says “we’re even now” Who is he to determine punishment? Overstepping his authority way to much!

Cici: I was pretty confused about what Hoo Ye supposedly did, and to whom. At first I thought he might have been responsible for the silent sidekick’s inability to speak, but that was apparently due to Moo Ra’s actions. Does Bi Ryum actually blame Hoo Ye because the lightning bolt he threw hit and hurt Joo Dong rather than Hoo Ye? It wasn’t even his fault! Just one more reason for disliking him, and the arrogance of the gods in general.


Amy: Yep. Part of the reason Moo Ra is trying to stop Bi Ryum from hurting Hoo Ye is because Hoo Ye is part human and gods aren’t supposed to harm humans. Bi Ryum does not care about that rule and has shown that a few times already.

Janet:  And it could be a whole lot of guilt since he threw the lightning bolt that caused all the problems. And it had something to do with Moo Ra.

Taleena: Well, here’s hoping that Bi Ryum is the actual bad guy. I think that his disregarding of rules is why there is so much chaos among the godlings. He looked distinctly uncomfortable when the topic of the twin to the mute servant came up.


Janet: Judging by the conclusion of episode 10, Habaek may be the next “bad” guy. You know he is going to react badly to the scene he walked into with So Ah and Hoo Ye. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished!


What do you think? Will Hoo Ye succumb to the dark side? Is Bi Ryum really justified in his hatred? Will Habaek's feelings for So Ah compel him to change the rules, or simply disregard them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)

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