This week The Bride of the Water God really got things moving! We found out more about what motivates our characters and even saw the beginning of feelings blossoming! Oh and that pesky plot to keep Habaek from the god stones. That kind of showed up too.

Amy: I know that there were a lot of complaints about slow progress in the first two episodes but I think that episodes three and four made up for that! We’re getting more background on our characters so we know what motivates them and why. It’s definitely getting more interesting! I understand why So Ah avoids helping Habaek. Her dad was a great man who helped people in need but it went too far because he neglected his own family in the process. That would definitely scar a person.


Cici: True, but since he disappeared when So Ah was so young, there is probably more to the story than even she understands. It looks like she ended up growing up in an orphanage, and that alone holds tremendous stigma in Korean society. It’s a wonder she was able to go on to become a doctor!

Amy: Exactly! It is not easy for anyone who has grown up in an orphanage but the stigma in Korea is so strong that it everything becomes even more difficult! I’m starting to understand Habaek a little more now too. He has always had everything done for him so he isn’t used to doing things himself or even waiting for that matter. I can’t imagine how it feels to wait for someone as stubborn as So Ah but she doesn’t have it easy either. Those voices. They’re fun for us but man. I can’t imagine something talking to me all the time like that.

Janet: I’m still a newbie to K-dramas, so I’m not aware of the sigmas involved, or as much of the culture, but I’m learning. I just know that at least I didn’t doze off watching episodes 3 and 4, as I did with 1 and 2!

Cici: These last two episodes were so much better! I love how we keep getting glimpses of Habaek seeming to develop feelings for So Ah. And I also love how CEO Hoo Ye seems to really be trying to be a good person. His attempts at humor are hilarious. He clearly has no idea about timing.

Janet: The same can be said about a lot of people I know, not only gods have a problem with timing! So, it looks like it is going to be two “nice/good” gods against the two “bad/scheming” gods.


Amy: I know I’m bad with timing! I think I need to study humor like Hoo Ye. I want to know if the two gods are against Habaek because they really think he will do a bad job or because they have something else up their sleeves. I’m guessing it is the latter but you never know! I liked what So Ah said about Habaek learning to be a good king while he is on earth because he is experiencing betrayal and hunger for the first time. It doesn’t look like Moo Ra is 100% in the scheme, though. She is clearly jealous of So Ah and has a soft spot for Habaek too.

Cici: I’m just glad that Krystal is playing a pretty unsympathetic, snooty version of a water goddess/actress. She does that type of role so well. As in, she’s great at playing the type of person you love to hate. I still haven’t seen much indication that she has a crush on Habaek, although giving him such a hard time and then offering him a way out may be part of a clever scheme to get him to come to her. Of course, So Ah will be the one to stop that plan. Didn’t you love the way Habaek dove through that window to save her?


Janet: That was awesome - the special effects were great! But to get back to Moo Ra, she is definitely a full partner in whatever is planned. It probably has something to do with the god stones that she says she doesn’t have anymore.

pjimage (2).jpg

Amy: Oh it definitely has to do with the stones. They don’t want Habaek to be the emperor but we don’t know why or how they plan on stopping him yet. I don’t know about you, but Ja Ya rubs me the wrong way. Begging her grandfather for an entertainment company, the whining, and general spoiledness that is Ja Ya just rubs me the wrong way. I was so happy when Habaek stepped in and got her to back off of So Ah. Ja Ya is the complete opposite of the incredibly kind Hoo Ye she seems interested in.

Cici: Well, it certainly seems like we are going to be setup to fall for Hoo Ye--I can almost feel the beginnings of Second Lead Syndrome. Wait. Nope. Habaek may be arrogant, but I really think he’s developing into the kind of person (god?) that I can root for all the way. Ja Ya, on the other hand--yeesh! I really really hope that Hoo Ye doesn’t end up with her as a sort of consolation prize.

Janet: No, that would be the “booby” prize: nothing worth keeping, just throw it away!

Amy: I really like Habaek. I know he is arrogant and selfish but you can see his nice, soft side peeking through too. I liked the scene where he and So Ah were swimming together. You could really see his kindness in that scene and then he apologized but for what? For what?! Ha ha!

Cici: I loved that scene, too. And then he asks So Ah why she doesn’t like cold water, and why she tried to kill herself. I’m sure now that he was the one who saved her when she almost drowned. How else could he know about that? Yay! But in the meantime, it is really fun seeing him learning to adapt to the human world. Too bad So Ah had to tell him about not taking a bath on the rooftop, lol.

Ep4_Lost His powers.jpg

Amy: I mean, was Habaek REALLY hurting anyone? I don’t think any of the neighbors could see. I forgot to talk about So Ah’s nurse! It turns out So Ah’s dad helped him when he was a kid and that is why he is sticking with So Ah. They didn’t have the most pleasant childhood together but, of course, most of that stemmed from misunderstandings.

Cici: Eh, I find him annoying. Maybe it’s his whiny nasal voice. But at least Habaek's helper, Soo Ri, is a little better at playing a comic character. I know I don’t really get the Korean humor (must be like Hoo Ye) but I can sort of appreciate where some folks might find him funny.

Janet: As they say in the country songs, So Ah's nurse needs to “grow a pair”! He is so annoying, I tend to tune him out, only to rewind to see if I missed anything. I can’t even find any compassion for him when he reminds So Ah about how mean she was, He needs to stop hovering and get a life away from the office.

Amy: I’m thinking there is more going on with his attachment but I’m not THAT interested in finding out what it is. I’m more interested in what will happen with Habaek and So Ah next week. It looks like we get to meet more new characters and I am ready to dive into their story some more.

Janet: I do have questions though - is Habaek really seeing the lurking figures in the alley and through the window, or it is his “divine" powers? And (light bulb burning) do you think the nurse could be the stranger on the rooftop? Finally getting his revenge on So Ah? Just a thought . . .

Cici: Ooooo...that would be unexpected. And I want to know why Habaek only has his powers return when he has to save So Ah. Are they fated to be more than just “master” and “servant”? When will he make the transition to thinking of her as his bride?

Janet: When Moo Ra tries to hurt So Ah, of course!

What do you think, drama clubbers? Are we seeing the beginning of Habaek’s feelings for So Ah? Is there more to So Ah’s nurse than meets the eye? What will happen with Moo Ra and the other god? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below!

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