Now this is a serious invention. Lion Corporation, a manufacturing giant that makes detergents, soaps, medications, and hygiene products in Japan, has just put on the market a novel, and practical, toothbrush for men's scalps and hair. If you think about it, we don't brush our teeth with our fingers...

The hair toothbrush, called PRO TEC, is a new and very practical concept. When we shampoo our hair, no matter how focused we are on the task at hand when we do it, we can only do so much. When you think about all of the follicles on your scalp, it's hard to believe that your fingertips can do the job of thoroughly cleaning all the space between your strands of hair. And that's where the hair toothbrush comes in.

The older we get, the more problems our scalps have in moisturizing themselves. Dry skin becomes an issue, which is what causes dirt to collect, which, in turn, can cause not-so-pleasant smells. This can be a problem for a man trying to impress the ladies, no matter how styled your hair is. With the hair toothbrush, every nook and corner of your scalp can be cleaned, just like a sold toothbrush that can get between your teeth, with the bristles measuring a minuscule 0.02mm! The results are a healthy and clean scalp, one that will put a randomly shampooed scalp to shame. So if a healthy scalp and hair is something that matters to you, this new brush is a must-have item.

This genius brush goes for a price of 1410 yen, a little over 14 dollars. When you think of overall hygiene and the health of your scalp and hair, it's definitely worth the price.

I bet it feels amazing too!



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