Coming up with an idea on how to make money is one thing, but actually following through and finding success at the age of 16 is another. An ambitious teen from England has turned a onetime experience during a family trip to China into a legitimate online business, and she's making more money than she ever could have imagined.

When Beau Jessup and her family went on a vacation to China, all they expected was to have fun and see the sights, and maybe enjoy some delicious and authentic Chinese food they could not find in England. Little did they know that the trip would change not only Beau's life forever, but the lives of over 230,000 Chinese newborns and their parents. While dining at a local restaurant, Beau was approached by a young Chinese couple who wanted suggestions for a western name for their yet unborn baby. This trivial experience gave the 16 year old entrepreneur an idea that would make her the richest girl in her class — a website for Chinese parents who wanted to give their babies Western names!

As soon as Beau got home to England, she started the website, When Chinese parents log on, they first choose the gender of their baby. They are then given a list of 12 personality traits, of which they choose five from that they hope their babies will grow up to have. With those traits, and with the gender of the baby, Beau picks out three names for the parents to choose from. Once the name is chose, Beau gives them a certificate, an explanation of the meaning of the name, and she even throws in a famous namesake. For many Chinese, this website is a godsend. Wanting to give their babies western names but not knowing any English at all, Beau's site is the quickest and safest way to come up with a legitimate name. And for Beau herself, the website is just as much of a godsend, too. She charges 68 Chinese yuan (about 10 US dollars) for her services, and she's named over 230,000 babies!  Ever the ambitious girl, Beau plans on using the money she makes naming babies to pay for her tuition when the time comes for university.

Not only is she getting richer by the day, she's making a lot of parents in China happy, and influencing the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies. “There are babies being born every day and they all need a Special Name," said Beau. "I like the idea of providing a service that enhances such a happy occasion."


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