The Duo In the tradition of Hong Gil Dong comes THE DUO, another swashbuckling tale of a bandit hero who fights for the people. Chun Jung Myung, who shot to popularity with his intense turn in 2010's hit Cinderella's Sister, takes the lead, while established actress Han Ji Hye (East of Eden) and Lee Sang Yoon (Life is Beautiful) star opposite him. A fusion sageuk (historical) that combines action and romance in a fun blend, The Duo has been an easy hit for ratings. Chun Doong (played by Chun Jung Myun) is born into a noble family, but is switched at birth with the son of a peasant family. Growing up poor and downtrodden, he gradually grows angry as he watches the oppression around him, and becomes a heroic outlaw. Meanwhile, Gwi Dong (Lee Sang Yoon), the child he was switched with, grows up as a privileged nobleman, and becomes a head of the police. The two men, unconsciously living each other's lives, are total opposites - one stands for justice through the law and the other seeks justice by breaking the law. Fate has something else in mind for them when they both fall for a beautiful woman (Han Ji Hye)... Watch THE DUO on DramaFever!