Taiwanese stars Yang Ming Wei and Beatrice Fang are celebrating their romance. After Beatrice's pregnancy was revealed by tabloid news when she was playing a pregnant character in Dear Mom, they rushed to register their marriage before another news leak. Their beautiful baby was born a few month later. Now, they are finally ready to hold their wedding. Take a look at their lovely wedding shoot photos taken in Guam, along with their cute baby.

By Chinese custom, even though they are married officially, the wedding isn't quite complete in the eyes of their family and friends without a wedding ceremony or at least a wedding banquet. Nowadays it's very common for a couple to register their marriage first and then hold a wedding banquet where they have another wedding ceremony. The difference with Yang Min Wei and Beatrice Fang is that their baby was already born last August after they registered in April, and she will be accompanying them at the wedding. 

When the couple decided to take photos for their wedding portraits, they went to the beautiful island of Guam and naturally took their cute baby daughter Mia along.

Yang Ming Wei also posted a touching message via Facebook to his mother, who passed away a few years ago. He wrote, "You've passed away 6 years now. No matter how many years, I'll miss you the same. I'll be getting married next week! I know you'll be there, haha. Mom, I love you." He closed the message with a heart.

It has been a year of celebrations for Yang Ming Wei. He has continued to establish himself as a comedic actor who is especially adept at playing memorable characters or indispensable sidekicks who light up the story. He won "Best Leaves" award at the Sanlih Drama Award for his support role in Dear Mom

Currently, he is playing in the hit drama Bromance, where he again has kept the audience laughing in many hilarious moments.

The wedding will take place on Wednesday, January 13.

Congratulations to Beatrice and Ming Wei. 

May you continue to build a loving family for each other and for Mia, and live happily ever after.

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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