72869-gain-speaks-about-gentleman-mv-sexual-imagery-stressful Psy's "Gentleman," his follow-up to "Gangnam Style," continues to do massive damage on music charts around the country, and one star, Brown Eyed Girls' Gain said working on the music video for the mega-hit was mega-stressful. She notes that the sexual imagery used throughout the video was very troubling, citing one moment in particular, "The part where I eat the fish cake on a skewer was what got me the most. Most people were okay with the R-rated comic effect but I myself had a lot of trouble with it. For a while, I could not eat anything long like that, corn dogs and such." The stress didn't stop there: "There was a scene where I dance with my hands on a pillar. People were looking at me funny even from afar. I was so embarrassed throughout the shoot." Should Gain be embarrassed? Watch the video below and judge for yourself: