Narsha is in love! Today, Mystic Entertainment confirmed that the Oohlala Couple actress is dating a fashion entrepreneur. “She is in a relationship with a fashion entrepreneur, who is in the same age as her, under the promise of marriage," the agency said in an official statement. "However, there are no definite marriage plans yet. So please support their beautiful relationship." Of course, fans have mixed feelings about one of their beloved idols dating. The "I'm In Love" singer made sure she wrote a letter via Instagram apologizing and reassuring fans of her happiness. 

"I'm sincerely sorry to the people who were disappointed. I'm also sincerely thankful to the people who understand. I believe that both are people who cherish me... My lifestyle has changed and gotten a lot healthier after meeting a smart and healthy person. No matter what comes in the future, I'll take it on with this kind of energy," she said in her long heartfelt letter.

Narsha also expressed her love for her supporters, and promised to share more good news with them first. She is actually the second Brown Eyed Girls member to confirm dating news. Gain announced that she was in a relationship with actor Joo Ji hoon in 2014 after his appearance on her smoldering "Fxxk U" music video. 

The girls are quickly finding their perfect matches. Which member do you think will reveal their relationship news next?


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