K-pop idols BtoB's Minhyuk and Girl's Day's Bang Minah are pairing up to play a dramatic and fun teen couple in the new family mob drama Sweet Savage Family. Take a look at the trailer that gives us our first glance at the hot young couple! 

In Sweet Savage Family, Yoon Tae Soo (Jung Joon Ho) is a gang boss who runs the red light district in Daejeon but leads a double life as a sweet family man. He may rule the mob, but he's downtrodden and disrespected at home. His smart and capable wife, Kim Eun Ok (Moon Jung Hee), keeps the home running. She also volunteers for a variety of causes to make up for her husband's life of crime. Minhyuk plays their troublemaker son, Yoon Sung Min. Things get complicated for everyone when Tae Soo's first love and his best friend's ex-wife (Yoo Sun) moves back into town with her 18-year-old daughter, Hyun Ji (Minah). When Sung Min and Hyun Ji decide to date, all of the parents are in an uproar.

The trailer and poster show the teens getting caught up and manipulated in their parents' drama and hilarious antics. 

Don't they look so sweet together at the recent Sweet Savage Family press conference?

With this cast, the drama is sure to be a lot of fun! 

Minhyuk is still relatively new to the acting scene with his biggest role being in A New Leaf, and while Minah has tried her hand at acting by making cameos and appearing in short web dramas and movies, this is her first larger role in a drama. The two idols-turned-actors will be making a lot of fans happy by appearing in this feisty and unique drama together.

Are you excited to see more of Minhyuk and Minah? Sweet Savage Family premieres exclusively on DramaFever on November 18. Sign up HERE for episode alerts!