The very cute Yook Sung Jae of K-pop group BtoB gave us serious Second Lead Syndrome in School 2015. Many of us would have preferred that he got the girl. It is therefore nice to hear him sing "Loving You Again," an OST song for Lee Joon Ki's The Scholar Who Walks the Night. It's a very beautiful ballad for the vampire drama that has been surprisingly romantic. Listen with matching lyrics in English.

Yook Sung Jae's song appears in episode 8 of The Scholar Who Walks the Night.

Thanks to the fan-made video, we get to see both Korean and English lyrics along with the beautiful song.

Isn't the song touching? Yook Sung Jae's voice is quite perfect in expressing strong emotions.

Yook Sung Jae also sang an OST for the high school drama School 2015 that he starred in. The song, "Love Song," was so popular that it reached first place on five different music sites.

Are you watching Lee Joon Ki romancing Lee Yoo Bi in The Scholar Who Walks the Night?

~ NancyZdramaland

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