BTS’ comeback is almost here! Before Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa Pt. 2 (English title, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”) drops on November 30, BTS has released an onslaught of teaser photos. As part of the ‘”youth” concept, the photos for the upcoming mini album this time around have a much brighter atmosphere. Like the first part released earlier this year, part two will come in two versions as well: blue and peach.

The concept photos for the blue version has a playful, rebellious nature to it. The 7 members wear rock and roll inspired clothing (Rap Monster and Suga’s “The Rolling Stones” shirt, V and Jimin’s leather jackets) and a nonchalant attitude (Jin lounging on a shipping container and Jungkook in a shopping cart).

The title for the blue version’s photos, “Je ne regrette rien” (French for, “I regret nothing”) may be familiar to BTS fans and music lovers alike. In BTS’ prologue video released back in September, fans may recall the credits ending with a new song called “House of Cards” that sampled Edith Piaf’s, “Non, je ne regrette rien.”

For the peach version, the group is roaming around happily and freely in nature, from J-Hope’s sunshine of a smile to Jimin blowing bubbles. Perhaps they are too carefree, though, as in one group photo, it looks like they lead each other to the edge of a cliff.

The title for the peach set of photos is “Papillon,” French for butterfly. The butterfly motif is shown in Jin’s photo and by the kite Jungkook flies. It’s also a new song off of the album that was featured in the aforementioned prologue video.

Like the lyrics in the trailer “Nevermind,” expect this new mini album to be an extra personal one for the boys.

Check out the two sets of photos below and let us know which photo is your favorite!

Blue version – Je Ne Regrette Rien

Peach version – Papillon

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