Online bullying is now officially completely out of control, with Korean pop band, BTS having received multiple death threats on Twitter in recent days by a deranged anti-fan who's even targeting a specific member of the group. 

After being accused of planning to release potentially damaging and false rumors and accusations regarding members of BTS and their sexual assault of a Brazilian fan, suspended Twitter user Selja's name has come up once again, this time as a possible accomplice to AntiBTSAnti, who has been tweeting very disturbing and graphic death threats against a specific individual in the group. Currently in the United States on their 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III (Final Chapter): The Wings Tour, these recent death threats are nothing for the Kpop group to take lightly. Having recently been involved in a bomb scare, the boys have already had to deal with threats made against them in the United States, and now they're being  forced to deal with a lunatic who's actually going on and on about murdering one of their own.

Though they have been deleted, the threats and photos that go along with them are no joke. As you can see below, they are quite disturbing, to say the least. One photo was of an actual dead pig with a slit throat. The tweet above it said, "The pig will soon die!", in reference to Jimin. Since it was too graphic, the choice has been made to not include it in this story. With April 1st coming up, the Los Angeles Police Department and Anaheim Police Department have been put on notice, and their presence is sure to be felt at the Honda Center when BTS takes the stage.

As of now, it's a mystery as to who's making these serious threats. Are Selja and AntiBTSAnti really accomplices, as AntiBTSAnti has proclaimed in his tweets? Same person? Strangers? Whatever the case may be, here's to hoping law enforcement gets to the bottom of this. The always loyal BTS ARMY of fans is also currently on the lookout, helping the group's agency by alerting them of any negative and threatening tweets or posts on social media as soon as they find them.

Hopefully we'll see an arrest. Death threats should always, with no exceptions, be taken very seriously.

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