BTS' rapper Suga dropped his teased mix tape, Agust D.

What's the difference between a "Lead Rapper" and a "Main Rapper?" BTS fans may well find out today with the release of BTS member Suga's mix tape on Soundcloud. The group's more recognizable rap presence comes from the aptly named "Rap Monster," but both Suga and RapMon are credited as rappers within the group. RapMon is the Leader of the group as well as the "Lead Rapper," even though he is merely 21-years-old compared to 23-year-old Suga as the "Main Rapper." 

Whatever your thoughts on the members' profiles, Suga's mix tape, Agust D, is a clear departure from Bangtan Boy's typical fare. BTS is rising in popularity within Korea, even surpassing EXO in some cases (see youthful actress Hwan-Hee Kim's admittance on a recent episode of Happy Together.)

BTS remains popular with catchy tunes while their lyrics investigate deeper issues facing Korean youth. For their song Bapsae (Silver Spoon), the members sing "our generation has had it hard/thanks to those before us I'm spread too thin/My teachers were born with it all" referring to immense pressure put on Korean youth to perform well.

Suga keeps the heavier material for his mix tape, but presents it in  a much more aggressive manner. Check out the music video for the title track below:

While their lyrics and presence may be growing in rebelliousness, it's telling that the Agust D M/V was still uploaded on Big Hit's YouTube channel. Whatever direction BTS is headed in, they have their company's support.

What do you think of Suga's solo?


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