Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, has caught the attention of his fans, this time for the placement of his hands during photos while visiting America for the Billboard Music Awards. After a recent interview, Jungkook was spotted with his hand hovering over the shoulder of the girl next to him. While some fans first thought this was because he was too nervous to be around a girl, what he is doing is actually a very appropriate response in Korea!

"Manner hands" are the courteous placement of a person's hands out of respect for someone else. In most cases in Korea, this refers to a male celebrity not touching the shoulder or arm of the female that they are posing with. While it may look awkward, "manner hands" are received with great praise from both fans and the media.

BTS just became the first K-pop artist to win a Billboard Music Award, taking home the prize for Top Social Artist during the award ceremony in Las Vegas. Fans voted more than 300 million times, securing the award for them ahead of top Western artists including Justin Bieber. Congratulations to BTS!

Check out Jungkook's "manner hands" below!

Here's a closer look!

Even better, it turns out Jungkook used his manner hands at least one more time during their recent trip to America! When BTS took a picture with American singer Halsey at the Billboard Music Awards, the photo at first glance looks perfectly normal with everyone being their gorgeous selves. 

But fans at the event were able to take photos from behind to show what was really happening. 

From this angle, you can see that Jungkook kept his hand a respectable distance from Halsey. So sweet!

Such a gentleman! What do you think of Jungkook's "manner hands"? Share your thoughts below!

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