Bubblegum Bubblegum in a dish, how many pieces do you wish?! One… If it has anything to do with Lee Dong Wook *Wink* Hey Bubblegum Chewers! Welcome to the first dramaclub session on the drama Bubblegum. Join Young Ajummah, Jazmine, and myself (Ekun) as we dive into the world of Bubblegum! Metaphorically that is, a real world of bubblegum… *Brain wanders off track*

Ekun: I am very excited about the show! Not to mention my minor (Some would beg to differ it is major) obsession with Lee Dong Wook. I missed the last 2 dramas he did, but I was determined to sit through this one… It was worth the wait. “It’s the most Wookiful time of the year!”

Jazmine: I’m excited as well! I am also a huge fan of Lee Dong Wook. He’s so adorable and he’s such a good actor. 

There’s also a lot of actors I recognize from other dramas in this as well so it’s sure to be a good one!

Ajummah: I am so excited for this drama! A lot of my favorite from dramas are in this. Of course I’m horrible with names but every time I recognized a face I would squeal. I squealed a lot during these episodes.

Ekun: I did too, I did too. Shall we get right to it? How much are you in love with this drama, and it has only been 2 episodes!? From the stories of our main characters; Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah, to the drunkard hyung Ji Hoon--I cannot get enough! Except for Ri Hwan’s momma--we were done as soon as I knew what she was up to. Her in less doses please, thanks show.

Ajummah: Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah make me squeal. I squeal a lot, lol. That scene when he found her pads, I fell out laughing!

Ekun: I almost fell off my bed with the pads! How is one supposed to react afterwards? I think What got me the most was Ri Hwan’s reaction when he processed what she said. Priceless.

Jazmine: I was laughing soooo hard during that pad scene. I love Ri Hwan’s and Haeng Ah’s interactions a lot. You can tell that they’re fond of each other, obviously, and even though they call each other “brother” and “sister” that there is still a little bit of grey area and I like that. Ri Hwan’s mom will probably be the reason I don’t like this drama (but I guess that’s the point of her character). I just really really really don’t like the overused “The guy’s mom doesn’t like the girl so they can’t be together” or “Mama Drama” trope. Though, the way it’s set up here, it might actually “fit” into the story better.

Ekun: Their relationship is the epitome of complicated. They both have valid reasons for holding back, but Lord knows I need them not to! I am liking their dynamic thus far because, like I stated before, the roadblocks between them are legitimate. It is not not silly made up reason--Haeng Ah has the stunned comments from Ri Hwan’s mom, and Ri Hwan probably feels some type of guilt for Haeng Ah’s father’s death! Adult issue from childhood beginnings.

Ajummah: I can’t figure out how they are going to swing this storyline. The two leads really have great chemistry and it’s apparent that they have feelings for each other. They introduced new “love lines” but they don’t seem strong enough to last past a few episodes. I guess we’ll have to see with that one. Dong Wook makes me laugh though with how he acts.

Jazmine: Yeah the reasons for their hesitation is something that could easily be squashed with a good ole late night conversation and tissues...but if it were that simple it wouldn’t be a drama. I like the second love line for Ri Hwan. I just felt extremely emotional while watching what Haeng Ah went through. I don’t like her second love line at all.

Ekun: Aujumma, Dong Wook make me feel a lot of things… Let your imagination run free with that. *Wink* Speaking of the second leads, I like them both--for now. Wait, I have to renege on that comment, because Sunbae made me upset! What did you mean when you were on the roof talking to her?! I know you were speaking another language, but I had my subtitles on… Just because you are not looking at other tail, I am suppose to know you care?! You kinda suck dude.

Ajummah: Sunbae is a cold hearted dude. He said he loves her but he doesn’t know how to express it. Now I don’t know if that means he is just saying these things to get her back into his bed, but I know Haeng Ah has feelings for him. She very much wants him to be into her and when they showed the scene where she is sitting around his place, waiting for him to call, my heart broke for her. He didn’t even go to her for her birthday. How crazy is that? 

I think that would have been the end of the relationship for me. If you are dating how could you not know that your mate has no family? I really hope she doesn’t go back to him but I have a feeling she will. By the way, what is going on with the woman that was set up to go on a date with Ri Hwan?

Ekun: Yi Seul?! There are a few things I love and hate about her. Love: She is a professional woman. A little broken, but she knows what is up. Hate: Her fashion sense! I am not even a “fashion forward” person, but those shoes and sock to that date? I cringed! Love: Her Oppa! Well, more of their relationship. They are too cute. 

Hate: Her momma! Every time I see her I already know what she is about. I just can’t believe she is that mean to her own daughter. She totally criticizes everything she is. Love: Her willingness to be open to love again after her fiance cheated on her. Hate: That her fiance cheated on her.

Jazmine: I like Yi Seul because she has this innocence about her that even though she’s not new to love, and apparently the good and bad that comes with it, she seems like she’s open to the possibility. I like that a lot. I love the look on her face at the end of scene when she stares up and Ri Hwan and you can tell she’s hooked like it was so cute and we’ve all had our moments when we’re like “yeah, I can like this person”. I love the actress, Park Joon Geum, that plays Yi Seul’s mother because she’s so good at being bad… but her character is terrible.

Ajummah: I totally missed that part about the cheating finance! I forgot she was the one whose fiance had another woman on the side. *ouch* Maybe that’s why she’s let herself go. Her mother played the crazy step-mom in Mask and I haven’t forgiven her from that drama yet. She’s an instant dislike. Ri Hwan’s mother on the other had. I absolutely adore the actress that’s playing her and I’m afraid that this drama will make me change my tune. I’m sure these two mothers will cross paths somewhere during the drama, and I am interested in seeing how they react to one another.

Ekun: Agreed! I love the actress that plays Ri Hwan’s mom, but she got an instant “Hellz No” from me. That will probably never change. The interaction between the 2 moms could be cataclysmic or smooth like butter… I put my money on the catastrophe. So these 2 episodes introduced A LOT of characters… I think we still have a few more-- Like Ji Hoon aka Drunkard Hyung! What is his deal? Did I miss something?

Ajummah: I would like to know why he drinks so much, lol. That man is a lush! But I find him funny and slightly adorable. Also there is a LOT of story line that needs to be developed. We know why Haeng Ah came to live with Ri Hwan, but what happened to Ri Hwan’s father? Why couldn’t Haeng Ah’s aunt and uncle live take her in? So many questions!

Jazmine: I think Ji Hoon has history with Tae Hee (Haeng Ah’s friend at the radio station). Ri Hwan mentioned it briefly when he went to give Haeng Ah the herbal medicine and they bumped into each other. I’m also interested in the characters we’ve yet to meet. We saw a lot of glimpses of other people in the beginning and I’m sure we’ve met them all. I also would like to know why they randomly turn into children when there are no flashbacks.

Ajummah: Also on an unrelated but maybe related subject, I like how the PDnim’s give a bit of the backstory at the end of each episode. For some reason it reminds me of the drama Reply 1997.

Ekun: We need the backstory at the end. One was adorable and hilarious and the other made you want to drink yourself into a comma! I believe our dear Ri Hwan was born out of wedlock. That is how his conversation with his mother seemed. He said something about being a single mom, making choices, and haraboji kicking people out. Maybe I used the incorrect context clues. Either way, it makes for a most fascinating storyline. I do love that despite not having parents, Haeng Ah is loved so dearly. All the more reason you want to claw Sunbae’s eyes out!

Jazmine: I adore the back story at the end of each episode! I look forward to it so much. It’s like a little mini web series for me because even though it compliments the drama it can stand alone. I find myself already wanting more time dedicated to just their history as kids. I know it’ll come later, but this drama is so good I hardly want to wait!