Welcome back Bubblegum Chewers! The moment we have been waiting for has finally begun to unfold! Join Ajummah, Jazmine, and I as we rundown the latest episodes of Bubblegum!

Ekun: I was conflicted within the latest episodes! Excited that Ri Hwan finally got Mariah Carey’s memo about him and Haeng Ah “We Belong Together”; but I was all over the place with everyone else. Am I the only one feeling like Sunbae and Yi Seul were not needed in the narrative at all? What is going to happen with Tae Hee and Ji Hoon? Lawrd! Is Ri Hwan’s mom going to die in the end?! Do you understand my plight within?

Ajummah: LOL at Mariah Carey. Yi Seul truly shouldn’t have been in these episodes at all. I don’t understand why the writers continue to keep bringing her back. And the whole thing with her brother trying to “threaten” Ri Hwan with the money and the place for him to take his mother for care. And for what? Because his sister can’t get it through her big head that she will never ever get with him? *sigh* It’s enough to make you scream, which I did several times. Hopefully this will be the last we see of her. I think they set it up that way with this new guy she’s having dinner with. What do you think?

Jazmine: I think the only reason that Yi Seul is still remotely relevant because it’s too late to cut her off completely. It would make the plot look like it was full of holes (though I wouldn’t mind not seeing her next week). Same goes with Sunbae. Though I must admit I was very happy to see that she was dating again. Looks like there might be hope for her afterall.

Ekun: I screamed so loud when I saw she was being fixed up with Alex from Clazziquai! And of course he is making a cameo because he is singing on the OST. But Yi Seul’s Oppa was a mess--I truly understood where he was coming from, but that does not mean it wasn’t a mess. Helping Yi Seul to love herself would be the best thing you can do for her. I think she can make it work with blind date dude (Alex) as well. 

Sunbae on the other hand… Was I the only one who wanted to throw a knife at him for cutting up her food like that?! It just rubbed me the wrong way, I didn’t find it cute nor endearing.

Ajummah: I thought he looked familiar! I love Clazziquai. Honestly I wouldn’t be upset if he was the fall back guy, but I digress. Sunbae...he’s trying. I think he knows that he isn’t going to be with her, which is why he offered his hyung the apartment to stay in so he could live somewhere else, but yes that scene was very awkward. Hopefully that will be the last we see of him too.

What do you think of Joon Hyuk’s haircut? Was he doing it to make sure Tae Hee doesn’t like him or what? Personally I liked him with long hair but whatever. I did feel bad when he told Tae Hee that he TRULY didn’t like her. When he flipped open his wallet to show her the pictures and said he didn’t like her enough to cover up the photo of his children I was like “DANG!” Ain’t no way in the world she’s going to be able to get into his life romantically now. I don’t think I would want to after someone said that to me.

Ekun: I loved his longer hair! But isn’t stuff like that, putting his children first, what makes you love a man like him even more? He has integrity and conviction deep enough to deny something that could be really great. I wasn’t mad at him--he finally gave her a straight answer unlike last week when he said he didn’t like her. I am all about the “I like you, just not enough”. While it is a hard pill to swallow, he was honest with her, himself, and the drama gods. Another person who is constantly lying to herself is Se Young. And what scares me to the core is the distraught look on Joon Soo’s face every time she says she does not want to get married. That Noona Nabber is out for the kill! No one has time for that! But I do like that he is always upfront with her--she needs to extend him the same courtesy and be real with him.

Jazmine: Okay, Sunbae cutting the food was annoying and super awkward. It made me cringe. You could also tell how unbearable it was for Haeng Ah. He should have known better. 

As for Joon Hyuk’s haircut, I love it! I think it looks sooooo good on him. I felt bad for Tae Hee but at least she finally got a real concrete answer. And I agree Ekun, it’s sweet how he put his kids first. It was endearing and I respected him so much for that. Joon Soo and Se Young are getting to some serious turmoil in their relationship. I really want them to make it. 

I understand where Se Young is coming from. Deep down I think she wants to protect Joon Soo, but I wish she’d let whatever is holding her back go. Be it marriage or whatever she just needs to be happy in love.

Ajummah: My heart got sad for Joon Soo. I think Se Young really wants to get married but doesn’t to make Joon Soo feel obligated to do so. Joon Soo may not want to get married right away but it is definitely a possibility for him and since Se Young shut him down multiple times, his pride, and possibly his heart, hurts. Hopefully things will resolve themselves in the next episodes. And now that we’ve covered all the supporting cast, let’s get into the main event shall we?

Ekun: I love, love, love Doctor Sunbae! He is the person on the outside who is making everyone look at the situation for what it is. Either we can continue to throw blame here and there, or we can move along with our lives. I am of the mind that everyone had a part in the way things went down, but it really does not matter. 

Ji Hoon telling Ri Hwan to get his life together was the best thing anyone could have ever told him--beside Haeng Ah coming over to the house assuring him that she can get through anything as long as he is with her. I cried. I completely understand where Haeng Ah was coming from on more than one level. I am just so glad that Ri Hwan agreed.

Ajummah: That was the sweetest scene. When he told her he was there and she just started grinning, I started smiling too. And not to jump forward but...did they do what I think they did? I mean he carried her to the bed and started taking off shoes… I am curious. Probably. LOL. I am so happy they are back together. I squealed when they were going everywhere holding hands. SQUEALED I SAY.

Jazmine: You should’ve seen me, I could not keep still. Everything was just perfect. I was so happy to see Ri Hwan smile again and especially smile with Haeng Ah. I was so happy for them and I had thing huge sigh of relief when everything was said and done. It was a “finally” moment. We’ve been through so much with them these past few episodes. So I was just happy to see them happy.

Ajummah: Also Ri Hwan apologized to Uncle Gangster and everything. I think they are going to be together for the rest of the series. There aren’t many episodes left, right? We’re just finishing up things with his mother. Not finish in a final-she’s going to die- way, but that’s the only story line that still has things that could be added.

Ekun: Well, didn’t we get a semi-conclusion with mom and the end of episode 14? She was talking with herself saying this and that. Even with everything that has gone on, I am still like whatever mom. 

If only you chose to be happy, we could have been doing this before things got “bad”. And they totally did what you think they did! This drama ain’t for the teeny boppers, ha!

Ajummah: No it definitely isn’t. I wasn’t sure if that was the conclusion I wanted, lol. This actress has played an Alzheimer’s patient before and she didn’t die at the end but she was really far off at the end of the series. I wonder if that is what’s going to happen in this series. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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