Welcome back Bubblegum Chewers! This past week has been another tear-jerking, omg-what-is-happening, why-must-they-suffer like this duo of episodes. We got to know our characters even better and love (maybe dislike) some of them even more! Join Ajummah, Ekun, and Jazmine as we discuss this week's epiosdes!

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Ajummah: Every time I say that I can’t cry anymore, the writers prove me wrong! I have never been so depressed over a k-drama in my life! The episode with the children REALLY got to me. So much happiness and so much sadness. I am glad they did a full episode on what happened while Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan were children so I could really understand why Ri Hwan’s mother acted the way she did. It doesn’t excuse her actions (at least not to me) but now I have a clearer understanding. Her first love was Haeng Ah’s father and just when she thought she was going to have the life she wanted, he dies. *tears* Was I the only one that felt this way?

Ekun: Oh, well you have not seen Lee Dong Wook in La Dolce Vita! Tears everyday! But I do find myself crying a lot these days over Bubblegum. When she was yelling at him across the street broke down like a fraction! The episode in the past made me see mom in a different light. I still don’t like what she was up to all those years, but when something is forced on you when you are not quite ready to deal with it, I can see it being cumbersome and hard to swallow.

Ajummah: Agreed. My heart hurt so much for Haeng Ah. She was trying so hard to be strong!

Jazmine: Yup, tears were everywhere yet again. I'm hoping all this builds up to an epic super happy finale and then I can go on with my life knowing that Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah lived happily ever after. I was also very thankful for the flashback episode. I had mentioned in our previous discussions so I'm happy it came into fruition. I'm glad we got to understand Ri Hwan's mother a little bit more. It make me dislike a little less. Oh and I also broke down during the scene when Haeng Ah was yelling across the street. My heart couldn't take it.

Ajummah: Ri Hwan’s mother… I still don’t know what to do about her. I understand her disease is a horrible thing but I still can’t shake the things she did in the past to Haeng Ah. Who would throw a child out on the street when you know she has no place to go??? Also, I think I started to like some parts of Yi Seul this last episode. Ugh… I do feel her pain about loving someone who isn’t interested in her but my goodness, every time I think about how she told Haeng Ah to disappear, it makes me want to vomit.

Ekun: Look, I didn’t get to say my piece about her telling Haeng Ah to disappear last week--she SUCKS! Now that has been said, I find myself caring less and less about Yi Seul and Sunbae. I just need them to go away--for good. What do you think about the DJ and the noona nabber as I call him? I don’t think we have talked about them much, but they are adorable!

Ajummah: They are cute. I want Tae Hee to come to her senses and go back to Ajussi. Now having said that, I’m not sure but I feel like these 2 episodes were just filler. Nothing really moved forward.

Jazmine: Oh yeah I am DONE with Yi Seul completely. I need her to go away and work on loving herself. At this point she's just clinging on to someone who's not ever emotionally available for her at the moment (technically her was never ready for her- but I digress). I want Tae Hee to be with the older guy. Ji Hoon still annoys me (even though I love how he's there for Ri Hwan). Our noona nabber is adorable and I love his relationship with Se Yong.

Ajummah: One random question that popped into my head was, during the children’s episode, why was Haeng Ah washing her face in the cold water? Was she being abused? Was she crying because she hated it there? The writers never really talked about it. It must have been huge though because Ri Hwan immediately called Uncle Gangster and she moved in with RI Hwan and his mom. Another thing about it is, why didn't she just stay with Princess Aunt & Uncle Gangster? At one point, Princess Aunt told young Ri Hwan that she had wanted Haeng Ah to stay with her but the blood aunt refused.

Jazmine: I had the same question! The way I interpreted was abuse at first, but I feel like with this drama there would have been a bruise or something shown on Haeng Ah's arm to make it more concrete. I admired little Ri Hwan's response though. Watching their interactions growing up as children and as teenagers is very enduring. 

Ekun: She wasn’t being abused from what I gathered.It was more like her trying to hide her tears. If your face is already wet, no one can really tell you were upset and crying. I think maybe the blood aunt was not comfortable with her niece staying with a former gangster. Wouldn’t it be a better option to have her live with someone who already has a child?

Ajummah: Maybe. Unless that person is not a nice person. *sigh* Now that these two episodes are done, I hope we can move on to getting Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah back together, because really that is all I am waiting for.

Ekun: You and me both! I have been waiting for them to make amends since they were no longer together. I think mom telling Ri Hwan to do whatever he wants to be happy was an endearing moment, though, I probably would have appreciated it more if Ri Hwan had made up his mind to be with Haeng Ah despite that. Haeng Ah is stronger than she looks. She is able to be comfortable and lean on Ri Hwan because he is always allowed her to. But if push comes to shove, like it is doing now, she will always see it through.

Jazmine: Haeng Ah is such a strong character and she has grown throughout the drama. She was not a bad character to begin with but her inner strength is showing more. I like that she's become a more independent person and that she's able to clearly express herself. Haeng Ah doesn't frustrate me (often) like a lot of other female leads in other dramas. Love her!

What do you think Bubblegum Chewers? How much more will our beloved characters have to endure? What did you think of the flashback episode? What do you think will happen in the future? Will Ri Hwan ever smile again!? Let us know what you think in the comment below!

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