We’ve made it to the end of the series Bubblegum Chewers! After so much sadness, it’s nice that things ended on such a high level right? Join Ajummah, and Ekun as we discuss the end of of Bubblegum. Did it end the way you wanted it to?

Ajummah: after all the sadness that has happened during this series, I am so glad that it ended on such a high note! Everyone ended up with who I wanted them to end up with and there were no deaths. It really doesn't get any better than that. Am I right?

Ekun: I agree. I think my favorite couple at the end was Yi Seul and Blind date boo (Alex)! I was shocked at myself. I hope those 2 make it--I almost wish for a spin off so I can see them getting along together. I feel like the last 2 episodes were really sweet. We saw the cohesiveness of the family, we saw people growing up, and we saw genuine love for one another. The only thing we did not see was an older Meang Woo Bin! Am I the only one hoping he would do a cameo?

Ajummah : I feel confident that he and Tae Hee ended up back together. When we saw them having drinks together… I will be honest. I thought they would end up in bed next to each other, lol.

I'm glad that Ri Hwan ended up not having the Alzheimer’s gene! When he told Haeng Ah, I started crying right along with her. They deserve to be happy after all the sadness they had to go through growing up. And Ri Hwan’s mother...man she scared me when she wandered off! I thought she was going to be hit by a car!

bubblegum_15 tears.jpg

Ekun: Of course Ji Hoon and Tae Hee will get back together. I was talking about their middle school friend that caused a lot of mischief when they were younger. Who we later discover was an innocent party! Man--mom being in the street. I was just glad someone finally stopped in helped her. It was very apparent she seemed confused and needed assistance. I do not think I can drive by someone who looks like she did in the street. I thought she was going to get hit, or fall asleep and not wake up. Since this was wrapped up so nicely, it is hard to say anything. All I can do is breathe a sigh of relief and be thankful for things coming together.

Ajummah: Haeng Ah has gotten over her fear of hospitals and is even learning how to drive. I thought the scene where she “crashed” into the tree while driving Ri Hwan’s car was so funny! They sounded like an old married couple.

Princess Ain't and Uncle Gangster have a Dugger who recognizes them as her parents and everyone came together to get Ri Hwan’s mom at the police station. The writers really did well tying up the loose ends with the last episode.


Ekun: Haeng Ah driving made me love Ri Hwan even more. Through the show we see this sensitive, kind, patient man virtually all the time. But after he got together with Haeng Ah, we see so many other sides to him! Heck! Haeng Ah is probably seeing them for the first time! Dong Hwa is a very endearing character. Honestly, for 2 seconds, I thought show was going to pair her with Ji Hoon. Glad they decided to cut that scenario--but this show was very much a slice of life, right? It kinda reminds me of the show Triple. Not the premise or anything, but how it seems like we, the audience, we invited along to take a small glimpse into these few people’s lives. They cry, we cry. They laugh, we laugh. They upset, we upset. I like that feeling.

Ajummah: Agreed. It was a feel good show. With the exception of Yi Seul, who I disliked for most of the show, l enjoyed every character. That's a rarity for me so I applaud the writers and PD-nims. I hope they get together and write another series soon.


Thanks for sticking with us Bubblegum chewers! If you haven’t checked out this series yet, what are you waiting for?!? Have a happy holiday and we will see you in the new year!

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