Here we are once again, Bubblegum Chewers. Things went from zero to sixty as our lead female staying firm with her decision to be single and our lead male making discoveries about his feelings. Join Ajummah, Ekun and Jazmine as they sit down and discuss this week’s episodes of Bubblegum.

Ekun: So… I feel like many a bubblegum bubbles were popped this week. Am I the only one let down by almost everyone besides our main characters Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan?! Ji Hoon? What?You drinking like a fish because you always have? What?! Mom might have Alzheimer's?! What?! What? And Sunbae you totally suck--the latter is not surprising, I just wanted to mention it again.

Jazmine: Omggg! Yes I was very shocked by all the info we go this episode! I was most upset with Sunbae, but that’s no surprise. My mouth almost dropped to the floor when he answered that phone call on the roof.

Ji Hoon made me mad too. His drinking is out of hand and I wish he’d just see that Ri Hwan is trying to take care of him. As far as mom having Alzheimer’s...that one was a surprise. Of course it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the hints they were dropping were pretty obvious. I’m not sure how it’ll effect the drama as a whole but I think it’ll have a significant impact, and I must say I’ve never watched a drama that’s dealt with Alzheimer’s before (I’m sure they’re out there) and I’m interested to see how this one does it.

Ajummah: This actress is always playing the role of someone who has Alzheimer's! I also wanted to run my fist through someone’s jaw ala Ri Hwan with these episodes. Sunbae is acting like Haeng Ah was a toy he didn’t want to play with but as soon as someone else showed interest, he wanted it. *shakes head* I just don’t understand him. At least Ri Hwan is working through his feelings at this moment.

Ekun: To be fair, we do not know what is up with mom, but my eyes are fixated on looking at the show from the corner of my eyes. I will keep the skepticism minimal. Moving along, can I just say how much I love love LOVE Ri Hwan these past episodes? He is the type of dude that seems like he would “finish last” because he is so nice; however, when he set off an alarm to get Sunbae to release Haeng Ah, and the alarms in his head and heart went off, I could have melted in a puddle!

Jazmine: Ri Hwan is adorable and oh so loveable. Dong Wook is doing such a good job and it’s warming my heart. He is such a nice guy and that’s one of the things I like about him. However, when he set that alarm off I was kinda thinking “Alright, you’re doing a lot.” Don’t get me wrong, I understand why he did it, but I was thinking it was a bit much. I guess he thought that Haeng Ah was in danger which makes it more understandable. I don’t know, I just felt like he was doing a lot. My favorite Ri Hwan moment of this week is the interaction between him and Haeng Ah at the Secret Garden. When they were fighting about Haeng Ah drinking the beer before her shot I just thought that was an adorable moment. That, and the kiss of course!

bubblegum 1.gif

Ekun: I can see your point of Ri Hwan being a bit extra. Though, I thought he was pulling a Malcolm X “by any means necessary” so I followed suit. It wasn’t that Haeng Ah was in any real danger, but that Sunbae is the worst kind of danger! Haeng Ah and her drinking habits… Need her to work on that stat! Very disappointed she promised Tae Hee she wouldn’t do it, and she goes and causes a mess! But I love Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah moments at Secret Garden period. When the show flashbacks to their younger versions, I love it even more. It just cultivates the history these 2 have shared over the years. It makes me feel bad for Yi Seul loving Ri Hwan so quickly, too.

Ajummah: I feel bad but can completely understand why Yi Seul is into him so much. At this point I’m into him as well, lol. I don’t have the money to buy him anything from Tiffany’s but I could give him my heart. Seriously though Yi Seul kinda grates on my nerves. I know she is coming from a bad break up and has a horrid mother but there is something about her.

Jazmine: I like the switch to their younger versions too! And quick shout out to those little actors, I don’t recall their names, but they’re really good and I love seeing them on screen. Speaking of Yi Seul...I don’t know why but I’m slowly starting to not like her. Very very slowly. I don’t like the looks she gives Haeng Ah. I feel like she’s going to do something later that’ll make me mad. It’s always like that. Characters like her feel so entitled and wronged so they do something I don’t like! Though, outside of her affections for Ri Hwan, I do like her a lot. I think she’s standing up to her mother in a good way (and ugggh do I not like her mother) and I like the relationship she has with her older brother. She’s jealous of Haeng Ah, that much is obvious, but I’m hoping she’ll be more vocal about it and not do anything shady. However, she’s too quiet of a character to do that.

Ekun: Look, Yi Seul has got some serious self esteem issues. At this point, I think she is only jealous of Haeng Ah because she thinks Ri Hwan like Haeng Ah because she is skinny, and “pretty”, and she was cheated on by her ex-fiance. Haeng Ah appears to “have it all” in the eyes of Yi Seul. I’m trying to keep it all in perspective, but there might be a time I throw her the finger along with the popcorn that was meant to go into my mouth--and I hate wasting delicious popcorn!

Jazmine: Good popcorn should never go to waste….and throwing it at your tv/computer/phone screen is not really a waste, you’re expressing yourself hahaha. I get what you’re saying though. Yi Seul does have self-esteem issues and when Ri Hwan mentioned that Haeng Ah was skinny enough to fit inside a washing machine her face was kinda distraught. I feel for Yi Seul, I do...I just hope she stays in her lane so to speak. She can like Ri Hwan, but she shouldn’t come for Haeng Ah. I’m already so protective of Haeng Ah, she’s so nice is my opinion.

Ajummah: Ladies! That’s why I throw fists and scream at the screen. Just imagine Jung Ryeo Won’s character in History of A Salaryman and you will see me every time I watch a drama.

Ekun: Oh I loved History of a Salaryman! She was a total mess, but I loved her the most towards the end. However, Haeng Ah is a bit destructive too, but I like her. Not sure how I feel about her using Ri Hwan to get back at “bastards R us” Sunbae, but it is a GOLDEN opportunity for Ri Hwan to make some things happen! Speaking of women I like (which is rare in most cases)i is my girl Tae Hee! I love that she scares divorcee ahjussi, and that she pretty much told Ji Honn to kiss her *censored*! She calls a spade a spade--my type of BFF! She left Ji Hoon because he liked to drink and waste money on liquor and women apparently. Don’t care if you cheated Hyung, the drinking until your liver falls out is enough cause to roll!

Jazmine: I also really adore Tae Hee, and like I said - I love Haeng Ah - but Tae Hee is the type of character I like to see as the main character. I love that she speaks her mind and she’s strong willed yet you can she she has her moments of cuteness and weakness and I love it. She’s a dynamic character. You can tell she really cared for Ji Hoon while they were together, and maybe even still held feelings for him up until recently. She’s strong for having to put up with that. Drinking, spending excessive money, and extra women…I couldn’t deal. Tae Hee is awesome and she’s such a good friend to Haeng Ah! Ji Hoon completely messed up and missed out!

Ajummah: Scary Tae Hee! The way she looks at people make me think she could stare into someone’s soul. I’m glad that she is Haeng Ah’s bestie though because the way this week’s episodes ended, she’s going to need a strong friend to help her from the backlash that is sure to come her way. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

So what are your thoughts Bubblegum Chewers? Will Sunbae finally realize Haeng Ah has moved on? Will Yi Seul try to run over the kissing couple with her car when she realizes what’s going on? Will Haeng Ah find out she has feelings for Ri Hwan? Let us know in the comments below and continue to watch Bubblegum!

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