Welcome back, Bubblegum Chewers! This week left a sour taste in our mouths as we watched Ri Hwan’s mother lose her memory of her son, Haeng Ah’s collapse, and other things that left us in tears. Join Ajummah & Jazmine as they talk about the things that made them cry the most and what they think will happen next on Bubblegum.

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Ajummah: I know I said I cried a lot last week, but THIS week made my soul break into a thousand pieces. Why must every episode end on such a sad note? With Ri Hwan’s mother really losing her noodle, to Ri Hwan breaking up with Haeng Ah, to Yi Seul being the ABSOLUTE WORST… I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

Jazmine: I cried ten times more this week than I did last week. I don’t think I can take much more of this sadness. It really breaks my heart watching the characters go through this. I feel so bad for them. How much more do they have to endure!????

Ajummah: I don’t even know if they can come back from this. Haeng Ah knows that Ri Hwan is lying but there isn’t anything she can do about it. He told her to stay away and I think she is going to, for the sake of her aunt. It’s going to be a rough few episodes before they get back together and that’s even if they do. She might go back to her previous love who already told her that he would do whatever is needed to get back into her life.

Jazmine: I’d rather they don’t go to their second leads. Just be miserable apart….okay I don’t want them to be more miserable than they already are but being with other people is not the solution to their mountain of problems right now.

Ajummah: Yes because Yi Seul asking Haeng Ah to disappear had me swearing at her like I was actually Haeng Ah’s cool but kind of creepy best friend.

Jazmine: Yi Seul asking Haeng Ah to disappear was like the icing on the “yeah-I-really-don’t-like-her” cake. But I feel like that moment was the sum of all the frustrations Yi Seul had for 1) not getting her way and 2) being rejected by Ri Hwan (which is one in the same if you really look at it). I’m hoping that this is it for her. That she realizes how low she had to come and how she need to do better before he digs herself into deeper hole. I’m still not sure why she told Ri Hwan about what she said to Haeng Ah, but I’m kinda glad she did. His reaction should be reason enough to stop pursuing.

Ajummah: Agreed. I have no damn sympathy for her. Not. One. Bit. She wants to consume Ri Hwan and is trying her best to use her money and prestige to do so. So far, he isn’t buying it but I hate to think what he will do now that he’s broken up with Haeng Ah. I don’t know if he’ll go to her looking for friendship and she’ll take advantage of that or not. I’m sorry that your ex-fiance cheated on you. I’m sorry that you don’t find yourself attractive and have all these issues with your mom but that doesn’t excuse you from being a decent human being end rant.

Jazmine: Agreed!! I co-sign 1000% with your rant. I’m also weary of Ri Hwan’s actions going forward. Cause I know if he goes searching for Yi Seul she will surely appear not matter the reason. Even if he just need someone cause he’s hurting - she’ll be there. Speaking of hurting, the most heartbreaking part of these episodes is when Ri Hwan’s mom loses her memory of him. I legit was bawling. I didn’t expect that to happen and man do I feel terrible for Ri Hwan.

Ajummah: I know he needs someone to talk to about everything he’s going through with his mother. He must feel terrible that she is going through periods of time where she doesn’t know who he is. My common sense is telling me to tell him to talk to Haeng Ah but for whatever reason, he’s still trying to play cool in front of her. So all he has at this moment is the drunk ajsshi he lives with (what is his name? - his name is Ji Hoon lol i forget all the time)

And turning my attention to Ri Hwang’s mother for a moment, wow. Her memory is fading SO FAST! I know of Alzheimer’s but not this particular version of it. Does such a thing really exist? Can one go from being a full fuctional adult to someone that needs 100% supervision in a matter of days?

Jazmine: Yeah Ri Hwan bottling it all up is gonna have some consequences on his mental health. He’s a doctor but he can’t quite grasp the fact that he needs help too. As far as the progression of Alzheimer’s, I was curious about that too and reading the comments under the episode there quite a viewers who have are/were care takers of Alzheimer's patients and they said it’s pretty realistic. They said trauma and stress can make the disease progress quicker and also it can have triggers. So a patient can be fine in one moment, but if they see something it can trigger it. I thought it was very interesting. I thought it was a bit unrealistic myself and dramatized but after the reading the comments I like how the writers did it.

Ajummah: What I’d like to know is where are the writers going with this? Mom has Alzheimer’s. Ri Hwan is doing whatever he can to take care of her and make her comfortable, including breaking up with the love of his life. Mom is running Haeng Ah ragged, with her constant phone calls and asking her to go to the hospital to look for people who don’t really exist. The second leads are trying to do what they can to get the main characters to fall in love with them and I’m sitting her sobbing every darn episode like my heart is going to explode. I don’t know if I can take much more of it.

Oh and let’s not forget the weird relationship between Tae Hee and the PD-nim, Dong Il.. ANNND the radio person with her much younger boyfriend. This whole show is weird.