Welcome back, Bubblegum Chewers, for this week’s adorable yet heart-wrenching episodes of Bubblegum! We have some serious reveals as well as some very sweet moments between our leads. Join Ajummah, Ekun, and Jazmine as we discuss this week’s episodes!

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Ajummah: What an interesting set of episodes! I am so pleased that Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah are finally dating. *does happy dance*

Jazmine: Omgg! I loved loved loved the whole “If we were dating” sequence between them. It was so adorable and I was squealing the entire time. Especially when they passed the love motel, that was hilarious. We did learn a lot these episodes too, a lot of character development. Firstly, how soon do you think Ri Hwan’s mom is gonna find out about them being together?

Ekun: Honestly, I do not even care when she finds out! They are together! *Cue Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together* The real question is when is mom going to tell Ri Hwan she has Dementia? And show, *hood girl sequence approaching* don’t even try to play me with Ri Hwan being sick! Puppies will be kicked, lollipops will be stolen from babies, and popcorn will be thrown at the screen!

Ajummah: I bet that's why Ri Hwan went to pick her up from the hospital. He probably wants to tell her himself. I am so sad for her though. The disease she has is really making her mind deteriorate quickly. Also, did you see the scene where she went to Haeng Ah’s father's memorial? It seems like she was more than friends with him. Could Haeng Ah’s father be Ri Hwan’s?

Jazmine: I do feel incredibly bad for Ri Hwan’s mom. At the beginning of the drama I was sure I wasn’t going to like her because she’s the biggest obstacle of our leads getting together, but how can I even be upset anymore? And so far she’s been pretty likable. I’m hoping that she’ll be more concerned about her health than who Ri Hwan is dating, since that person is the lovely Haeng Ah. Now, I was sooo surprised when she went to Haeng Ah’s father’s memorial. I sensed that there was something more than friendship there, but I don’t think that Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah share dads. At least I’m reaalllyyyy hoping they don’t since they already kissed and are exploring their feelings for one another. I just think that Ri Hwan’s mom and Haeng Ah’s dad had a relationship in the past, and that Haeng Ah’s dad chose to be with Haeng Ah’s mom and that’s why Ri Hwan’s mom had that suicide attempt in the past. She couldn’t forget him or move on.

Ekun: That is what I was thinking as well Jazmine. For it would be ludicrous for show to even get our hopes up this high, and throw a “you share a pappi” scenario. This ain’t Young and the Restless or White Lies! I was really disappointed with mom and the suicide attempt. I would be even more disgusted if I found out it was over a man, and you still have a child who depends on you.

Ajummah: The reveal with that blew me away. I have children and cannot see myself trying to leave them on purpose. Especially over a man. Now I see why Ri Hwan never went abroad. I feel like Yi Seul is going to use that to her advantage. She has more money than anyone on this show and she's going to try to use it to get Ri Hwan to like her. That doesn't sit well with me. He told her he was interested in Haeng Ah so why can't she just move on?

Jazmine: My heart broke when young Ri Hwan was like “I’m still here, so why?”. Suicide is very serious. Since it was only mentioned briefly, we didn’t get to see more of Ri Hwan’s mom’s mindset which would have led to more understanding, but still it’s so heartbreaking. Now, when it comes to Yi Seul, I told y’all last time that she was rubbing me the wrong way now and look at what she’s doing. A yacht!? I think she was seriously considering buying Ri Hwan, a man she’s not even married to, a yacht. I don’t like that she’s trying to win him over with gifts either, but I think she feels that money is all she has. That she doesn’t have looks so she must throw money at her man. It’s not right. She’s always comparing herself to Haeng Ah and I think she’s turned it into some sort of “If I can beat this one pretty person…” type deal to boost her confidence. I’d really wish she’d somehow learn how to love herself despite what her mother says.

Ajummah: *sigh* I guess I should feel bad for her but I don’t. I don’t like how she treats Haeng Ah. But maybe there will be some backstory next episode.

Ekun: I really tried to give Yi Seul the benni (benefit of doubt) in episode 5, but by the end of episode 6, I was done. She was really trying to have an attitude with Ri Hwan, when all he was trying to do was be honest. And everything comes back to how she is the “ugly duckling”. Ri Hwan could care less what you wore, how thick your thighs are, and how much you are worth. But until she learns to get a grip and stop being so self deprecating and destructive--she will never see that.

Jazmine: Yeah, I don’t like the way she treats Haeng Ah either. I hope there will be more on her backstory, it seems interesting enough. And while we’re on the subject on how people treat people, my favorite character these past two episodes was Tae Hee. I just really really like how she’s standing her ground against Drunken Hyung. And to be honest, I don’t like how persistent Drunken Hyung is to win her over. I really wish he’d just let her go. I think he just feels sorry for how he treated her, so he should sincerely apologize and move on. Clearly, she’s not interested. Plus, we also got to hear how Tae Hee and Haeng Ah became friends and it was so heartwarming. Tae Hee may have a mean exterior but she’s really nice and she definitely one of my faves in this drama.

Ekun: Drunken Hyung aka Ji Hoon sucks! Right along with Sunbae and Yi Seul at this point. I am glad that Tae Hee is the type of friend to make Haeng Ah be real with herself, cares enough to want what is best for her friend, and tell Ji Hoon to kiss her *censored*! I would like to have a glass of wine with her one day… No worries Tae Hee, I hate drunkards as well.

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