Welcome back, Bubblegum Chewers! Are you all tired of chewing? Perhaps a bubblegum kiss will give your jaw a rest… I’m ready, Lee Dong Wook! This week’s episode was full of twist and turns everywhere you look! Join Jazmine, Young Ajummah, and me as we go deeper into the world of Bubblegum

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Ekun: So many things happened I do not even know where to begin. Was I the only one catatonic through both of these episodes? I need more cute, less melo. Like Tae Hee and Ahjussi!

Ajummah: I cried the ENTIRE two episodes! I don’t think I left an unused tissue in this house. I didn’t think things would escalate so quickly! Ri Hwan knows about his mother’s disease, Mama basically told him “over her dead body” would she agree to him and Haeng Ah, we STILL don’t know what Haeng Ah’s father’s relationship was with Ri Hwan’s mother (though I can take a good guess)...it was just all around sadness. I’m with you Ekun, these episodes were entirely too melo.

Jazmine: I was gushing all over the cute moments, but yes there were a lot of tears. So many things happened and the plot is getting so good. I wish they would go ahead and fully reveal what the relationship was between Haeng Ah’s dad and Ri Hwan’s mom. I guess it was romantic, but I don’t think it became romantic until they were Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan were kids.

Ekun: I need to know what the happy hot pocket Haeng Ah’s dad did to make Ri Hwan’s mom so dead set against them being together. Show has got to give me something more that a jilted lover. Then we find out that she not only tried to kill herself once, but twice!? I really can’t with mom. Show added the dementia angle so I woudn’t be all angry, but it didn’t work. I NEED ANSWERS!

Ajummah: Agreed. Objectively I understand that Ri Hwan’s mother wants him to be with “family” on the off chance that he ends up with the same disease that she has. BUT, family is so much more than blood. His friends wouldn’t leave him any faster than that snake in the grass mother of Yi Seul. Haeng Ah’s family is there as well and as far as I know “Princess Aunt” and “Uncle Gangster” are going to live a very long time.I think that’s what made me cry the most. Watching Haeng Ah listen to all of that madness and still want to hug and love and stay with her aunt. Then she’s wandering around in the pouring rain, replaying that in her mind? All she ever wanted was to be accepted by Ri Hwan’s mother and she never had been. Not 100% and darn it, I don’t accept that!

Jazmine: That made me cry a lot too. Haeng Ah listening to Ri Hwan express everything he felt about her and how he still wants to be good to his mom on top of his mom continuously denying her. And I agree, family is much more than blood tie. Ri Hwan has a good support system right now, and it could grow larger in the future. I understand Ri hwan’s mom’s concern, but it hurt even me hearing her say all that.

Ekun: Haeng Ah is a trooper--I am too old to be hanging around waiting for approval. All I can think about is how this mom is not only causing heartache for this couple because of a grudge or her words, but her disease has Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah both laid in the street. They love and care for her so much and I feel she is denying them from being together over something so dismal. Both of them really love each other and will take care of each other. 

She talking about someone to take care of Ri Hwan--I do not understand how Yi Seul is up to the task! Baby girl don’t even love herself! At first, I was a little sad for her. But now, everything she is doing and saying makes me see flames! Especially when she was talking to her Oppa about why she likes Ri Hwan. There are so many things I can’t do in life… Yi Seul’s self deprecation pity is one of them.

Ajummah: Agreed. I don’t like Yi Seul. Yes I know that she has had a hard life and blah blah blah...honey, you tried to by Ri Hwan a jet to fly anywhere he wanted. You tried to buy him and it didn’t work. Move on sweetie. Even her mother is wanting to move on.There is also Ajussi and his drinking issues. He’s trying hard to stay sober but I know it must be tough. When he was sitting there pouring soju for Ri Hwan and not drinking any for himself, I thought that was very big of him. A small moment but still, a good one.

Jazmine: I actually like Yi Seul a little bit more than I did in previous episodes. I’m not sure why, maybe because I think she’s starting to accept that Ri Hwan loves Haeng Ah and that she can’t get in between that. Though it seems like Ri Hwan’s mom is plotting to use her. Also, for a split second I like Yi Seul’s mom. She actually acknowledged Yi Seul’s accomplishments (not to her face) and for a moment she seemed proud. Drunken Hyung did prove himself to be a good friend for Ri Hwan. It warmed my heart, though that moment itself had me tearing up.

Ekun: It was a good baby step for him. I really wished that he would leave Tae Hee alone though. She is like done DONE--and I ain’t mad at her. Ji Hoon is brilliant and sloppy at the same time--a walking oxymoron. While he is trying to woo Tae Hee, she is making Kimchi and googlie eyes at divorced Ahjussi. And am I the only one who wants to know what happened with Sunbae? He was at court, he quit his job, did they explain that and I missed it?

Ajummah: No they didn’t really talk about it. I just know that he started meeting with a television company, so maybe that means he’s going to tv? I know he wants to get back with Haeng Ah something fierce. I don’t know if she is going to go to him to “honor” Ri Hwan’s mother or if she is going to stay and fight for her man. I guess we need to wait and see!

Jazmine: All I gathered about Sunbae was that he stood with the union and somehow that equated him losing his job. I’m not sure, they kinda was just like “here, something happened”. I love Tae Hee more and more every episode. I loooove how upfront she is with divorced Ahjussi. It’s cute and refreshing. She’s not one to tip-toe around and I love it. I don’t want Sunbae and Haeng Ah to get back together, not even to “honor” Ri Hwan’s mom. That would not make me happy. If Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan need to take a break (*knocks on wood*) then they should, to maybe think about their options, but they shouldn’t date other people. Their love is too cute!~

Even though we did not mention the other couple; I could not help myself! Until next week! 

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