Although Lee Min Ho has never traveled to South America, he now has a forest in his honor! After a Wildfire destroyed a large part of the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, the Minoz Chile Fan Club took part in the project to restore the burnt forest. The club donated to this project in Lee Min Ho's name with the hope that one day Lee Min Ho will visit Patagonia and the forest.

The fan club has donated 332 trees to the Reforest Patagonia project. You can view the progress through a satellite photo. Fans even posted on the official webpage of the forest saying, "We planted this forest to express our love for the Korean actor Lee Min Ho. We wanted to show him a beautiful Patagonia and hope for his visit."

The fans call the new section of the restored national park "Lee Min Ho's Forest."

(Source: www. ph.omg.yahoo.com)